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The Vampire Diaries Recap "Catch Me If You Can"

The Vampire Diaries "Catch Me If You Can": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

This week, there's a big bad original hunting our friends on The Vampire Diaries, but it's not Klaus or Rebekah; it's the rambunctious Kol. He, like everyone else on the show right now, wants to get to the cure before anyone else, and he doesn't care who he has to kill, particularly Jeremy, the vampire hunter himself. We haven't gotten much Damon/Elena romance since the show came back from its Winter hiatus, but in its place, we get a hot hookup between another couple.

I'm dying to talk about everything with you, plus the rest of the good, the bad, and the bloody, so let's get to it after the jump.

The Good

  • Klaus sets the vampires he turned last week on Jeremy and Matt, and Jeremy decides on a flight response instead of fighting, and he, Matt, Damon, and a newly arrived Elena hide out at the cabin. The newborn threat is short-lived, though, because Kol shows up and kills them all. He wants to stop the hunt for the cure, explaining his fear of Silas: he's heard that his resurrection would bring about the end of time. Sidenote: this is the most we've ever heard Kol talk, and I enjoy it, even though he has the most confusing accent I've ever heard.
  • I'm really loving the Stefan and Rebekah team, especially because their sniping at each other doubles as chemistry. When they go on a hunt to find Silas's headstone (a key to resurrection) in Professor Shane's office, Rebekah brings Stefan's fun side out (which includes the recreational use of the professor's herbs), and the sexual tension is thick. We're in total hookup territory until a mysterious man breaks into Shane's office for the headstone, but before he can be tortured into talking, he bites off his own tongue and then kills himself. Way to kill a mood, guy.
  • Professor Shane gets arrested on suspicion that he orchestrated the murder of the Council after April goes to the sheriff and new mayor. He admits to Bonnie (who can just walk right into an interrogation room. Mystic Falls might need to revisit some sort of police handbook) that he did mastermind the mass-murder, and Bonnie is rightfully pissed, until Shane teases her with the possibility of seeing Grams again. Bonnie makes a dark, fiery magic show, and though Shane gets her to control it, the most fun is seeing Bonnie let go and go dark.
  • With Kol on the hunt to stop Jeremy any way he can (except for killing him to avoid the hunter's curse), Elena goes to Klaus for help and asks him to call off Kol. Klaus complies, but when Kol gets his orders, he finds an insidious loophole and compels Damon to kill Jeremy. Damon stalks Jeremy at the Grill but realizes he's been compelled. Still, he can't fight the desire to kill Jeremy, and they have a showdown in which Damon repeatedly tells Jeremy to run (which is way funnier than it is scary. Sample line: "Did you miss the part where I said I'm compelled?")
  • Jeremy shoots Damon with a wooden bullet but just in the head to slow him down, not to kill him. Because that's what friends do. Damon gets knocked down, but he gets up again to pursue Jeremy, telling Elena that he won't be able to stop until Jeremy's dead. When it's looking like either Jeremy or Damon is going to bite the supernatural dust, Stefan shows up and kills Damon (well, you know, vampire-kills him, so he can come back. Because that's what brothers do).
  • Stefan's next act is less brotherly: he plans to keep Damon imprisoned and weakened until the compulsion wears off, which is one clever way to keep your brother from sleeping with your ex-girlfriend. It's not the worst plan, but Stefan is definitely stone cold about it (upside: stone cold on Stefan is actually pretty sexy).
  • Speaking of sexy, the tension that was a-brewing between Stefan and Rebekah gets satisfied when Stefan hits up Rebekah's boudoir after hours. With one uttering of "no feelings, no attachments," these two are off. I love it.
  • And next week, we'll be getting a face-off between Kol and Jeremy. With Kol still trying to stop Jeremy, Elena has a plan: if he can kill one original vampire, it's the equivalent of killing lots of vampires to grow his hunter's mark. Two birds, one bloody stone.

The Bad

  • Shane tells Bonnie's dad that she and her magic are a time bomb without him, and her dad wants to get her help. Doesn't this feel like a retread of the previous plot where Caroline's dad wants to get help from her supernatural clutches?

The Bloody

  • Man, it seems like ages since we've seen someone rip someone else's heart on this show. Luckily, Damon gets his paws on a vampire heart in the opening scene. Phew!
  • The idea that Kol compels Damon to stab himself is gross enough, but that view of the stake going into him is over the top. I want to get those sound effects out of my head too.

What did you think of this week's episode?

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