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The Vampire Diaries Recap of "The Cell"

The Good, Bad, and Bloody Moments of The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Elena are locked up on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, but their imprisonment is way less sexy than Stefan and Katherine's experience back in Mystic Falls. The two storylines are both interesting for different reasons, and when we find out one of Damon's secrets from earlier this Summer, I feel like Caroline when she overhears Stefan and Katherine at the end of the episode.

This week is a little more exciting than recent Vampire Diaries episodes, but it's mostly because someone finally gets some. And even though it's not surprising that the writers are planting the seeds of a Damon/Elena breakup, I appreciate the wrench that his little revelation throws into their happiness. Let's get to the good, the bad, and the bloody after the jump.

The Good

  • How hot is 1950s Damon? He should bring that retro haircut and tight white t-shirt look back. Sadly, his looks are the high point of the flashback, which shows us the horror he endured at the hands of Dr. Whitmore. He explains to Elena, who also falls victim to Wes and ends up in an adjoining cell next to Damon. We get the sad tale of Damon's long imprisonment, where he was drained, starved, and had pieces of his eyes cut out (ugh).
  • Damon is reluctant to share how he escaped with Elena, but he gets to it when Elena says how much she loves him. Turns out Damon had had a vampire buddy, Enzo, who devised their escape plan. It involved Damon surreptitiously squirreling away blood rations so he'd be strong enough to wreck Whitmore and all his holiday guests in one fell swoop. Of course Damon had a grand old time massacring everyone, but the thing he's ashamed about is that he left Enzo behind, knowing he couldn't save himself and his friend. Once again, he "turned off" his emotions to do so.
  • We learn Aaron is actually Aaron Whitmore, a descendant of the awful Dr. Whitmore (and like Elena points out, he basically owns the school). This makes more of an impact when we find out Damon's big secret — that he's been picking off generations of Whitmores for years as part of his grand revenge plan. Most recently, he took a "weekend trip" (I LOLed at that part) to go kill Sarah, Aaron's aunt. This explains Aaron's traumatic loss of everyone he loves, and I gotta say, Damon has it coming when Aaron shoots him in the head. Relax; of course he's fine.
  • So Elena finds out her dad may have also been an evil doctor and that her boyfriend is still going balls-to-the-wall with his serial-killing tendencies? And then she wakes up strapped to a stretcher? What a bad week to be Elena. Is she the new Stefan?
  • BTW, Enzo is alive! And he has a lovely singing voice.
  • Meanwhile, in Mystic Falls, Katherine has decided she's going to cure Stefan's PTSD, so she gets Caroline to bring over his old box, the one he drowned over and over again while inside for months. While he writhes in there, the best conversation happens between Caroline and Katherine when Katherine asks if she and Stefan have ever done it. And then confirms that Stefan is great in bed. You know Caroline is embarrassed because she wants to find out too.
  • Speaking of doing it with Stefan, things get hot and heavy when Katherine jumps in the box and confronts Stefan about why he's really depressed (he's heartbroken). Usually therapy isn't sexy-time, but they almost make out until Caroline opens the box. Still feeling it, Katherine all but jumps on him, and Caroline's superhearing picks up their grunts. I love how scandalizes she is and how she can't wait to tell Elena. Totally normal. And you know she's just a little jealous!

The Bad

  • The whole turning-on-and-off-of-emotions-and-humanity needs to stop. If it's so hard, then how come these characters seem to do it all the time? It's like a light switch with these people!

The Bloody

  • There are new fun nasty things happening this week, and they mostly involve eyeballs. Damon's eyes get cut in pieces (puke!) and Damon pokes Dr. Whitmore's eyes out with his thumbs.

What did you think of this week's episode?

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