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The Vampire Diaries Recap "Crying Wolf"

The Vampire Diaries "Crying Wolf": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

I was hoping for some Valentine's Day action on The Vampire Diaries this week, but unfortunately, a romantic trip for Elena and Stefan goes awry when the pack of trouble-making werewolves comes calling. There's still a little sweetness for some characters though — we witness a kiss from a prospective couple that we've been waiting for!

Original vampire Elijah surfaces in Mystic Falls to herald the coming showdown with Klaus, but most of the action is still werewolf-on-vampire this week. Are you ready to dissect the good, the bad, and the bloody? Get down to it when you


The Good

  • The werewolves are freaking out once they put together the pieces that Mason was assisting "that hot vampire chick Kathy" to break the sun and the moon curse. If they're the ones to break it, werewolves can turn at will — including never again, if they want. Once Tyler identifies "Kathy" as Elena, Tyler, Jules, and her wolf cronies take off after the vampires in a race to break the curse.
  • Stefan and Elena plan a romantic getaway to her family's lake house, wanting to escape the drama of John being back in town. The jaunt is less than idyllic — she's haunted by memories of her parents, and then they discover a secret hiding place full of weapons and Jonathan Gilbert's other journals. How creepy is that room, by the way? It looks like a serial killer's den.
  • I love that Caroline and Bonnie make the whole drugging-and-spelling-on-Luka thing into an opportunity to have girl talk about which boy Bonnie should date. Jeremy is bewitched by Bonnie (I couldn't resist), and though Luka probably likes Bonnie too, right now he's just good for information. Under a spell, he reveals that the reason he and his father are helping Elijah is because they want to kill Klaus too. Klaus has Luka's sister, and if they help Elijah kill Klaus, they'll get her back. One small problem: they can kill Klaus after the sacrifice, when he's vulnerable . . . but only after the sacrifice (AKA Elena's death). But enough about Luka and sacrifices — Jeremy and Bonnie get over themselves and make out! Congrats, you crazy kids.
  • The werewolves are on the prowl for the moonstone, and after they attack Damon and Alaric in the Salvatore home, they head to the lake house. Brady and Tyler subdue Stefan, and Brady goes after Elena in a cat-and-mouse game until Stefan stabs him. They're surprised to find Tyler there, insisting he didn't know what the wolves were going to do to her. Meanwhile, back at the Salvatore torture den, Elijah shows up, grabs the moonstone, snatches some hearts out of some werewolf chests like it ain't no thing, and then frees Damon.
  • I was a little scared for Alaric when he gets stabbed at Damon's, and even though he's OK because he's wearing the ring, I'm still nervous about his safety. His earlier exchange with John that ends with John threatening to get the ring that Isobel gave him back feels like it's foreshadowing Alaric's demise. Say it ain't so!

The Bad

  • The cheese-tastic moment of the week goes to Tyler, for finding Matt at the Mystic Grill and telling him to be good to Caroline. First, it's a lame speech no high school boy would ever give to another high school boy; second, I just want to shake him and say come on, fight for her! Don't just run away, wolfie.
  • I can't bring myself to worry about Elena sacrificing herself to keep everyone else safe, because we know she's going to survive the Klaus encounter. So watching her and Stefan argue about her becoming a martyr isn't compelling, it's just frustrating.

The Bloody

  • The torture device full of little wooden stakes in Damon's neck is just too much. As Stevie called it, it's "torture porn."
  • I'm not a fan of all the heart snatching that's been going down on this show. And even though it's still very gross, it's just so expected now. Get a new move.

With Tyler out of Mystic Falls for now, do you think we're taking a break from the werewolf storyline? And are you as ready as I am to finally meet the mysterious and sinister Klaus? Let's talk about that and what went on in this week's episode in the comments, and don't forget that you can participate in even more when you join the Hooked on Vampire Diaries group in the Buzz Community.

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Join The Conversation
xlightningboltx xlightningboltx 6 years
Yeah, this week's episode wasn't great but I loved it when Bonnie and Jeremy kissed, I've been waiting for that for so long! The major downside to the episode was Tyler leaving - say it ain't so!! :(
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
I definitely don't want Alaric to die! I want Tyler to come back and reconcile with Caroline. I like that Matt is the one normal kid on the show, but I also think Caroline and Tyler are hot together and I don't want him to give up on her. I still despise Jules. I figured she wasn't going to die in Elijah's heart-ripping rampage at Damon's house, but I am ready for her to be gone. I'm confused about the Klaus and Elijah dynamic. If Klaus wants to break the curse, too, then why is Elijah there to do the same? And why does Elijah want him dead? It sounds like all that matters is whether the vampires or the werewolves break the curse first, but is there some advantage to being the one vampire who breaks the curse as opposed to someone else breaking it? Does Elijah get some kind of power boost if he breaks the curse before Klaus has the chance?
differentthread differentthread 6 years
I think all you guys have a point about this age thing. When is prom and graduation. Get them into College already. So... does this make Tyler a drop-out? Jenna get on it, you are getting it on in the house with their History teacher, so it's OK for the kids? Right!! So in a real world is Aleric Elena's step-dad? Ok I have had my fun. Jules is up to something, Tyler needs to come back, he's so lost. Speaking of LOST I loved that Damon mentioned the other week that he was lost. Lost is his old show, hey I thought it was funny.
care0531 care0531 6 years
What HS teenager gets permission to spend a weekend in a family cabin with their boyfriend? She also had a glass of wine by a fire place as if she was 30 not 17! I think it's a matter of time before Elena becomes a vampire too.
ellaella15 ellaella15 6 years
awww.. Tyler left!!!... hopes he comes back soon..!! =(.. <333
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
i hate that i am supposed to think of these kids as high schoolers. 17 year old girls shouldn't going on romantic get aways and drinking wine! couldn't they have made them college aged? the vampires/werewolves are the most realistic thing about this show sometimes!
bethany0403 bethany0403 6 years
I, too, am concerned about Aleric. He and Damon are my 2nd favorite couple on the show! Does the ring only save him from a supernatural death or can Uncle John just outright kill him since he is mortal. I forget. Another flashback episode next week, curses! I hate those. As usual, I was put off by Elena and Stefan. I don't care for either character when they are all wrapped up in each other, which literally happened this week. Yuck!
cibele cibele 6 years
Last week the episode was so good. This week was a little disappointing.
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