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The Vampire Diaries Recap "Dead Man on Campus"

The Good, Bad, and Bloody Moments of The Vampire Diaries

It's party time on The Vampire Diaries since Caroline and Elena are back at school with their new roommate — back-from-the-dead, anchor-to-the-other-side Bonnie. Even though I'm a little tired of Dr. Maxfield and his weird vampire experiments and secret society, his storyline suddenly gets interesting when we find that Damon has a secret past related to him.

Back in Mystic Falls, Stefan is suffering from some light PTSD after killing Silas (a worthy sacrifice for getting rid of that dude, if you ask me). Katherine also attempts to take herself out of the equation, but on the brighter side, Matt's back! Let's get to all this stuff after the jump.

The Good

  • Bonnie is really excited to be alive and in college, so she has every reason to be happy, especially her swingin' new haircut. However, her biggest college problem is that she sees dead people. Dead people who then pass through her body. Side effect of being the anchor to the other side, you know?
  • Poor Jesse! The cute college dude is turned into a special kind of superstrong vampire by Professor Maxfield, the kind who feeds on other vampires. It's kind of cute when Elena and Caroline coach him on being a vampire after he attacks his roommate (who just happens to be Aaron, Elena's mysterious new friend). Jesse gets a handle on his new state for a couple hours, but after making out with Caroline, he realizes he wants to feed on her, and runs.
  • I'm happy we get to see Matt again, and we find out the truth about his "passenger," Gregor. Katherine has Nadia summon Gregor, and then Katherine gets him to admit that he was supposed to kill Katherine, so she she stabs him and reveals why he wanted that special knife so bad. It can kill a passenger, so goodbye Gregor!
  • Accelerated aging is so not sitting well with Katherine, so she tries to kill herself. But in a rather poetic scene, she throws herself off a building and Stefan catches her. Have I been watching this show too long or is that kind of romantic?
  • Damon heads to campus to get the bottom of what Maxfield is doing, but he can't get answers out of him at first. After Jesse attacks him and Elena in turn kills Jesse, Damon finally gets some answers. It's as surprising to him as it is to us: Damon's an Augustine vampire! It's still not exactly clear to me what that means, but it seems that Damon was once experimented on and possibly repressed all the memories.

The Bad

  • Man, why does Jesse have to die? Caroline was just starting to move on! There is a bright side here . . . OK, there are two bright sides here, and their names are Klaus and Stefan.
  • Speaking of Jesse, he's the next person who has to pass through Bonnie, and guys, this gives us a pretty weird presex scene. I have no idea how Jesse doesn't totally ruin the mood. Bonnie says that "this" is worth any consequence, and I have to say, Jeremy's hot, but is he really let-supernatural-creatures-pass-through-you hot?

The Bloody

  • The brief flashback of Damon locked up as an unwilling patient is super creepy with that blood smeared around his eyes. What is happening there?!
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