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The Vampire Diaries Recap of "Death and the Maiden"

The Good, Bad, and Bloody Moments of The Vampire Diaries

What happens when you get three Nina Dobrevs in one room? A spell, some confusion, and a whole lotta hair. Yes, this week The Vampire Diaries gives us all three doppelgangers in one place as they come together for a spell that brings back a character we thought was gone for good. Of course, that situation isn't the happy one it should be, but are we really surprised? The most pleasant thing that happens is that it seems we are finally rid of Silas, Tessa, and Amara.

Everyone is so wrapped up in doppelganger madness that we barely spend any time revisiting our main characters and their current dramas. There is a tiny development for Stefan, so to start discussing that with me, just keep reading.

The Good

  • Stefan has his memory back! Nothing really happens with this, but the guy needs a win right now.
  • Silas may be gone, but he has what's probably his best scene at the beginning of the episode when he casually explains his dilemma about Amara and Tessa to a couple of strangers at a bus stop. And then he makes them his victims! Oh, you.
  • Katherine's problem cracks me up because she's having a very run-of-the-mill issue: she's aging. Fine, she's aging rapidly and only has a few months left to live, and I don't know if I should feel bad or not. I've kind of gotten used to her. Anyway, is this why she's so mean to her daughter, Nadia? So she doesn't get attached, and then have to say goodbye again?
  • Loopy Amara is hilarious too (also her being so insane helps to distinguish her from the other Ninas). She's basically a crazed animal, biting into her own flesh. Damon has to stop her the same way you stop your dog from chewing itself. "AMARA NO. No."
  • It wouldn't be The Vampire Diaries without someone cooking up a harebrained spell, and this week, the gang decides they want to transfer Amara's anchor power to Bonnie, thus bringing her back to life. Huh? I know.
  • One of the most unforgettable moments of the series so far is Tessa's spell to make Bonnie the anchor. She needs all three doppelgangers in one room, so Elena, Katherine, and Amara gather. Minds are blown! Brain grapes confused! Mostly, it's just a lot of Nina Dobrev.
  • Admittedly, I was surprised that the spell actually works — and Bonnie comes back! It all seems real and nice and everyone is hugging and kissing . . . until Tessa has to Debbie Downer all over it. Bonnie's now the anchor, which means every supernatural being has to literally pass through her every time they die. How violating. It also kind of explains why Amara wants to die so bad.
  • Speaking of that, even though lovesick puppy Silas has wanted to be with Amara for like ever, he understands when she says she can't live anymore. As he's mercy killing her, Stefan shows up, right mid-throat cut. He kills Silas, and then Amara kills herself, and then Tessa kills herself too. Lots of death this week, but all I feel is relief.

The Bad

  • Aw, man, Stefan has PTSD now? Can't this guy catch a break?

The Bloody

  • There is lots of blood this week, but the one time it really grosses me out is when Katherine throws it up because she can't drink vampire blood now. Guh-ross.
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