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Vampire Diaries Recap "Do Not Go Gentle"

The Vampire Diaries "Do Not Go Gentle": The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

It's time for the Decades Dance on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, and while there's a different theme ('20s) from years past, there's just as much danger at this year's dance. Esther is on the rampage and trying to make Alaric into a vampire super-killer, but there's more intrigue on the romantic side of things when Elena decides to take Stefan as her date.

There's a bit of romance for lots of characters, but everyone is too focused on Alaric's fate to figure out their relationship status. There's lots to discuss, including the twist at the end, so let's get to the good, the bad, and the bloody after the jump.

The Good

  • I haven't been on Stefan's side for a while, but when Elena asks him to the dance at Caroline's suggestion, I started to change my mind about him (just a little!). As much as I love Damon, I have to admit that Stefan looked great in his retro suit, and I enjoyed his and Elena's first-date-like sparks. At the dance, Elena tries to unburden herself about kissing Damon, but Stefan says he doesn't need to know. The night's events keep them from having a kiss, but it kind of seems like they may be on the road to a reunion. Well played, Stefan. Damon, you're up.
  • I wanted more Klaus this week, but I did enjoy his one dance with Caroline, even if he's more hostile than hot as he tells Caroline that he's leaving town and invites her to hang out with him at some point in her immortal future.
  • Elena isn't the only person who's got a full dance card — Bonnie brings Jamie, and even though I sometimes complain about Bonnie, I'm happy to see her getting some good lovin'. Jamie is sweet, and they have a hot makeout (that Damon interrupts — can't anyone kiss on this show without someone barging in on them?).
  • I'm intrigued by Caroline's little speech to Matt about how he shouldn't like Elena because she's already juggling two dudes, and tends to put her loved ones in harm's way. Like Chris Harrison, Caroline has solid relationship advice, but this scene is foreshadowing something. Is Matt going to make a play for Elena? Or die because of her?
  • The week's big event is Esther's attempt to make Alaric into a vampire super-killer, and she draws Elena out of the school while trapping the vampires in with a binding spell. While Bonnie tries to break it, Esther brings Elena to evil Alaric, and explains her plan, then takes Elena's blood and stakes Alaric. Finally, Klaus and Stefan figure out where they are, and send Jeremy and Matt to save Elena. Esther nearly makes them kill each other, until Alaric stakes her.
  • When Alaric is back to his old self, he tells Elena and Jeremy that he doesn't want to complete the transition and would rather die. Goodbye Alaric, we hardly — well, actually, we knew you pretty well, and it was your time to go. Seriously, the scene of Alaric looking around at everyone in the cemetery is pretty poignant, as is the toast Jeremy and Matt make to him, as is the kind way Damon keeps him company as he lets death take over.

The Bad

  • Sigh. I knew Alaric's death was too good to be true. I was so annoyed that Esther shows up to Bonnie to possess her and finish what she started, especially to prolong this Alaric storyline. It's not that I don't like Matt Davis, but there's nothing left for his character to do. His turn as a villain isn't a cool twist, it's just exhausting.
  • I'm sorry, why is Meredith Fell back? She gets my vote for completely unnecessary character existence of the week.
  • Detail rant: Why is Bonnie sleeping in her full 1920s costume? That looks mega-uncomfortable, but I guess it would have looked less cool to see Bonnie stumbling to a cemetery wearing some cotton PJs.

The Bloody

  • The blood this week isn't as graphic as normal, but the scene where Esther draws blood from Elena does look pretty painful.

What did you think of this week's episode? Were you as annoyed as I was about the Alaric/Esther plot? And who are you currently into for Elena: Damon or Stefan?

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