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The Vampire Diaries "The End of the Affair": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

There's not much that's better than a flashback episode of The Vampire Diaries, and this week takes us to the roaring '20s in Chicago. We meet the dapper, tuxedoed Stefan and Klaus in their friendlier but more violent days (for Stefan anyway), but the trip to Chicago isn't limited to just memories. Damon and Elena take off for the city too, but Elena's reunion with Stefan doesn't have the happy ending she hopes for.

There's jazzy costumes and Prohibition-era fun all around this week, but we also learn a lot about Klaus and Stefan from their earlier days — and we meet another lady who once had Stefan's heart. Ready to break down the good, the bad, and the bloody? Just keep reading.

The Good

  • Klaus tells Stefan they're going to a witch to help with their "hybrid problem," and they visit their old haunt, Gloria's, to talk to the witch proprietor about finding the original witch who can assist them. We go back and forth in time to Chicago in the 1920s, and meet Stefan comfortably kicking it in his watering hole. He flirts with a hot blonde who doesn't give him the time of day, and though Stefan sure does look nice, he's certainly doesn't act nice, sinking his teeth into flapper victims galore.
  • Katherine finally shows up, calling Damon from a phone booth to tell him that Stefan and Klaus are in Chicago. Damon delivers the news to Elena in the best way possible, slinking in to her bed so he can wake her up and freak her out. They head to the Windy City, with Damon warning Elena that she can't handle how bad Stefan used to be. At their destination, Damon shows Elena where Stefan used to stay — and keep a list of his victims. Naughty boy.
  • Klaus blows Stefan's mind by showing him a picture of them together in the '20s, and it turns out that Stefan's old squeeze was Klaus's sister Rebecca, another original vampire. They find her corpse and pull out the dagger to wake her, and back in time, we see the three of them hanging out, with Klaus (then going by "Nik") giving Stefan the third degree about dating his sister, then torturing the club's partygoers. Stefan finally figures it out that Klaus wanted him to come with him so badly because he was such a great wing man, but he still can't remember why he has no memory of their time. Until, that is, we flash back and see that Klaus had compelled him into forgetting everything. Stefan questions why he took off — and who it was that made Klaus go on the run in the first place.
  • Elena decides to read Stefan's journal, detailing his journey from ripper to reformed, with the help of his friend Lexi. She's nearly caught when Stefan and Klaus come in, and Elena freezes as Stefan stares at her, hiding in the closet. Stefan distracts Klaus, and later at Gloria's, it's Damon who distracts Klaus while Elena and Stefan talk. She almost stabs him, but he senses what's about to happen and finally says the words that get Elena to let him go: "I don't want to see you, I don't want to be with you. I just want you to go." Even though I'm pulling for Damon and Elena, my heart still breaks for her a little.
  • You may have thought Caroline's mother was hard on her about being a vampire, but she's got nothing on Caroline's father. He's determined to "fix" his little girl, and he does so by exposing her to brief, painful bursts of sunlight and conditioning her to make her fight her urges for blood. He tells her he's trying to fix her so that he won't have to kill her, and as Caroline whimpers in pain, Liz shows up with a gun and Tyler. They release her from her prison, and Tyler cuddles her while she recovers in her bed, and it's my second favorite scene we've gotten of the two of them in bed together.
  • Katherine is so old news as Elena's competition for Stefan's love. Rebecca is out of her decades-long nap, and still in love with Stefan, and when Klaus restores Stefan's memory, he remembers his feelings for her too, and how close he and Klaus were back then. But their reunion is kind of cut short, because Klaus cuts to the chase of why he brought Rebecca back. She can contact the original witch to help with Klaus's hybrid creation issue, but she needs her special necklace to do it. She doesn't have it . . . because I'm pretty sure Stefan gave it to Elena, and Katherine knows it.

The Bad

  • It's one of those rare weeks that there's not too much bad to report, but I will admit that I giggled a little bit at Katherine's costume-y bob wig when she pops up near the end of the flashback.

The Bloody

  • Stefan is pretty nasty in the '20s, but the yuckiest thing he does is slit a victim's wrist, and then force her human husband to sip it like its champagne.

What did you think of the 1920s excursion? Do you think Elena will call off her hunt for Stefan for now and let Damon in? And are you as excited about new character Rebecca as I am? I can't wait to experience this temper Klaus speaks of. Weigh in below!

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Join The Conversation
xlightningboltx xlightningboltx 5 years
OMG, my heart stopped when Stefan found Elena in the cupboard. The look he gave her was haunting. "Stefan questions why he took off — and who it was that made Klaus go on the run in the first place." - Indeed, and unsurprisingly they left that question hanging. I'm dying to know who, or what, is more powerful than an Original hybrid. It was so touching when Caroline was crying on Tyler in bed; the writers have really got that relationship on point. Also, did anyone notice Damon slipping in, when talking to Klaus, that he would be a better wing-man for him than Stefan thus trying to get Stefan off the leash again?! I love the brotherhood between Damon and Stefan, oh how we were fooled in Season 1.
demarco11 demarco11 5 years
Good episode. I noticed Bonnie has been MIA too. It was the same last season. So weird that she seems to miss all the intro episodes. Also, Gloria = another black witch, should we just assume she's related to Bonnie? Does anyone else find it weird that all new black characters are witches?
cheechee524 cheechee524 5 years
When Rebecca came into the scene I was excited at the idea of another lady in Stefan's life, which was amplified by like 10 when Klaus gave back Stefan his memories of her at the end of the episode. I was worried the 20s flashback episode would just be cheesy, but I thought it was pretty fulfilling. Also, I realized after this episode that we haven't seen bonnie all season. what is up with that? I realized this when I was watching the secret circle and was obsessing over how much the girl who plays sally resembles kat gahram... are they sisters or something? they totally have the same mouth.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 5 years
I love love love Caroline and Tyler together! Where did Caroline's dad go after the sheriff held him at gunpoint while Tyler rescued Caroline? Is he going to show up in future episodes. He now knows the truth about Caroline and he knows how she walks in the sun which is pretty similar to how Stefan and Damon walk in the sun, too. I'm curious about who Klaus ran from and if he's working for them now. I remember in the last episode after the werewolf clan died he said "I did everything I was told" and that coupled with the revelation that he was running from someone makes me think something even bigger and more evil is out there.
Datura2112 Datura2112 5 years
Just when you think you know what's going on the Writers just toss you for a loop. A fantastic episode all around. I am rooting for Damon and Elena but I did feel bad for her. Love everything about where this Klaus storyline seems to be going and the fact that Stefan is not such a goody boy. I was real bored with him. Damon will always be Damon. He has so much depth and is keeping true to himself. He isn't trying to be someone he isn't. As much as I love the character I am so glad that he isn't perfect. He makes mistakes and he makes the right decisions but he is always himself, no matter what. What's not to love with Caroline and Tyler! Looking forward to Elena being called on her feelings for Damon. As much as she loves Stefan it's about time she admits that she has feelings for Damon too and learns to accept him, faults and all.
LovelyLiLKatie LovelyLiLKatie 5 years
Definitely one of the best episodes yet. So much to process.... Stefen was in love with Klaus's sister....whatttttt Stefen and Klaus were like brothers .... whattttt Caroline's dad tortures her ..... whattttt I love caroline and tyler together I can't even handle it. The girl who plays Caroline did such a good job in this episode she broke my heart. I love how vampire diaries gives you so much information and simultaneously gives you so many loose ends that your dieing to find out about.
hjelander hjelander 5 years
I'm one of those rare few who roots for Elena and Stefan. As much fun as it would be to see the steamy couple that is Elena and Damon, I have so much respect for Elena as a character for sticking with her heart and Stefan. I'm sorry, but who is this Rebecca?! I know by introducing her it makes it so easy for Elena and Damon to get together, but c'mon, Stefan was made for those sexy brunettes! Vampire Diaries has REALLY stepped up its game this season and I for one cannot be more happy about it!
BlackKitty BlackKitty 5 years
great episode ! Gosh I miss Lexie, I wished her character wasn't killed off so soon. I am really enjoying VD, and the concept of the originals. I actually don't hate Klaus and enjoy his bromance with Stefan.. Lets face it, Stefan can be a pretty boring character.. ^^ New favorite couple: Caroline and Tyler, I really see the on screen chemistry. Cant wait until next week, maybe we'll get more clues about Jeremy and his dead exs.
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