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The Vampire Diaries Recap of "Fifty Shades of Grayson"

The Good, Bad, and Bloody Moments of The Vampire Diaries

This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries is pretty slow and typical — Elena is danger, Damon has to save her — until the end. In fact, things are downright snore-inducing down in Dr. Maxfield's makeshift lab, but there's a surprise in store after Elena gets saved, and neither she nor Damon/Elena fans can be very happy about it. Katherine, meanwhile, is a lovesick puppy over Stefan after their night of passion, while also dealing with her impending death.

The bombshells toward the end of the episode aren't the only entertaining parts of the episode — Matt's back! It's actually kind of funny, and trust me, this episode needs some moments of levity. Let's get into the good, the bad, and the bloody when you keep reading.

The Good

  • Elena is in lockdown with Wes in some weird basement lab, and Wes tells her she's right in Mystic Falls. He's actually full of interesting revelations while he's trying to make Elena a vampire who feeds on other vampires. First, they're where her father, Grayson Gilbert, did experiments on vampires, and her dad taught Wes all he knew. Wes also tells Elena that her dad's picture was in her deceased roommate Megan's phone because Megan's parents funded Augustine projects (which still doesn't make sense to me, but let's go with it). Finally, Elena puts together that Enzo killed Megan when she stumbled upon him that night at Whitmore House.
  • In a scenario we've seen a million times, Damon and Stefan have to figure out how to save Elena, but I do very much enjoy seeing the brotherly love alive and well. They find Aaron Whitmore and use him as leverage to get to Elena, and in the meantime, Wes releases Enzo into the wild to find Damon. Stefan gets to hear Damon's dirty secrets this week, too — Enzo recounts the tale of Damon's betrayal, and Aaron tells Stefan about Damon's Whitmore kill list.
  • Damon tracks down Elena after an epic fight with Enzo, but what comes next shocks me. Not wanting to have to go into crisis mode every time a skeleton comes out of his closet (and you know there are many more), Damon dumps Elena, saying he won't change who he is. I mean, who he is is a serial killer, so maybe he should think about doing some self-improvement or whatever. But Damon has a point. It's just pretty sad.
  • On the romance tip, Katherine is all lovestruck over Stefan after they sleep together, but to Stefan it's just a one-night stand (typical dude). Before he lets her down, she tries to stave off the aging process in different ways, including using Matt as a personal trainer. It doesn't help — by the end of the episode, she chokes and then passes out. Maybe she'll take Nadia up on that offer to be a traveler after all?

The Bad

  • I'm ready to say goodbye to Wes and Aaron. It's looking like we could be done with Wes, but when Aaron grabs a syringe before he leaves Wes, you know he's still going to be stirring up trouble.

The Bloody

  • No one eats anyone this week or meets a gory end. Are you getting soft, Vampire Diaries?
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