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The Vampire Diaries Recap "Founder's Day" 2010-05-14 05:00:00

The Vampire Diaries "Founder's Day": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

I can barely express my grief that The Vampire Diaries is over for the season — but what an insane season finale! Also causing me grief? The three, and possibly more, deaths that we witness on Founder's Day!

Yes, that death I mentioned earlier this week turned out to be deaths — plural — but those events aren't even the most shocking or awesome parts of the final episode of season one.

To rehash the good, the bad, and the bloody, just read more.

    The Good
  • Damon Salvatore: not so inhuman after all! First, he thanks Bonnie for taking the curse off the device (or at least pretending to), and when Jeremy is unusually hostile to Elena over what happened with Vicki, Damon intercedes to stick up for Elena. He has me convinced he's the "better, hotter, superior choice."
  • We see two plans being developed: the tomb vampires plotting an attack on the founding families later that night, and John and Mayor Lockwood discussing using the device to incapacitate and then bring in all the vamps. All the while, Elena and co. are planning the town's celebration, with Elena in a costume that makes her eerily resemble Katherine (listen to me whisper: foreshadowing).
  • As the fireworks explode, the device proves it works, emitting a deafening screech and disabling all the vampires. As they're being rounded up, Caroline, Tyler, and Matt take off in a car, Stefan manages to escape, but Damon and Anna aren't so lucky. In a basement of defenseless vampires, John heartlessly stakes Anna, then pours gasoline in the room . . . where Damon is lying on the floor, unable to move.
  • When the vampire dog whistle goes off, two surprise guests hear the noise: Mayor Lockwood and Tyler! Damon questions why the mayor is in the basement and what he is, just before someone breaks his neck. Outside, Tyler's eye is being inspected, and it looks positively werewolf-y. How soon til he figures out what he is? And why did the device affect vampires and what we think are werewolves in the same way? Did Jonathan Gilbert provide for it to take care of all monsters?
  • Jeremy gets the news from Damon that Anna has been killed and decides he can't deal with the grief. He wants to turn, so he dejectedly makes himself a vampire suicide cocktail of pills and Anna's blood. As one of a couple cliffhangers for the season, we don't see whether or not his attempt works, but I found myself feeling incredibly sad for the poor kid.
  • Damon's flirting/girlfriend-stealing tactics are both hilarious and sexy; he waves at Elena on the float, makes his "eye thing" at her, and holds her hand while Stefan grasps her opposite hand. Finally, at the end of the terrible night, all of us Delena lovers get some gratification: they kiss! And it's not just a peck, it's a full-on make-out! I died.
    The Bad
  • Bonnie may not be a vampire, but she's out for blood. Stefan rushes to save Damon from the burning building, as Bonnie chants a spell while grasping Elena's arm. Later, she tells Stefan that she saved them for Elena, but she'll take down Damon and him if they hurt anyone innocent again. I'm not loving the 'tude and will be happy when she lightens up a bit.
    The Bloody
  • Elena goes inside after being caught kissing Damon and has a hostile conversation with John. He explains to her about his relationship with Isobel, and something seems weird in her eyes. That's because she's entirely not herself: it's Katherine! And she chops off John's ring finger and then stabs him! Ack! It's so shocking and gross and unbelievable that I can't even resign myself to thinking that the make-out didn't really happen between Damon and Elena. This is by far the biggest cliffhanger — were you shocked?

So the death toll is a definite three (Mayor Lockwood, Anna, and John), but it remains to be seen if Jeremy and Caroline make it out alive. Which one were you most blown away by? And did you expect Katherine to show up in the series so soon? Let's start chatting now, and since it'll be a long Summer without this fantastic show, join the Hooked on Vampire Diaries group in the Buzz Community!

Image Source: The CW
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