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The Vampire Diaries Recap of "Ghost World"

The Vampire Diaries "Ghost World": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

There are lots of old faces on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries — and they're all dead. Bonnie's botched spells are coming back to haunt her (and everyone else) in Mystic Falls, as the ghosts of dearly departed characters are brought back and allowed to walk around like they're alive.

For Stefan that means an old friend is back to save him, Tyler's uncle is back to help him, and Jeremy's romance with Anna is confronted. It's a fun Halloween-ish episode with lots of great moments, so if you watched and are ready to recap, let's get to the good, the bad, and the bloody when you read more.

The Good

  • Mason is back and torturing Damon for fun, so Damon suspects Bonnie upset the balance of the spirit world, and it turns out that he's right. When her Grimoire opens to a manifestation spell, Bonnie and Caroline go to Bonnie's witch lair and perform the spell. One by one, the ghosts become visible to everyone, including Anna, Mason, Lexi, some of the evil tomb vampires, and Grams, who tells Bonnie she has to set right the balance of nature and needs to "close the door" on the ghosts. All they need is the talisman of Elena's necklace to do the trick, which has naturally gone missing.
  • After Elena catches Jeremy and Anna making out — a major feat for ghost/human relations — she rails against the idea of interacting with the ghosts, until an opportunity arises for her benefit. She wants to use Lexi to help her with Stefan, since she's the only person who's ever been able to get Stefan out of his darkest times. Lexi gives Elena "Ripper detox 101," and straps Stefan to a chair, making him hallucinate that he's been deprived of blood for long periods of time. Stefan's withdrawals are pretty bad, and he begs Elena for help, appealing to her emotions. She resists, and when Lexi gets called back to the spirit world by the end, Elena has the skills she needs to continue Lexi's dirty work of drawing out the old Stefan.
  • Mason doesn't want revenge; he wants to be redeemed by helping Tyler. He accepts Damon's weak apology (what was that anyway, Damon? Grow up.) and leads him to a place far under the Lockwood property to find a weapon that can kill an original vampire. Despite some nasty traps that stake Damon several times, Mason and Damon get close to where the weapon is, but Mason disappears before Damon can get inside.
  • It's the end of the road for Jeremy and Bonnie, even though he also has to say goodbye to Anna. Anna hides the necklace so she doesn't have to go, afraid to be alone, but after Elena's speech to him (more on this later), she gives it up, ready to go home. There are still repercussions of that, though, because Caroline tells Bonnie about Jeremy making out with Anna. When he brings Bonnie the necklace to destroy, she takes it, vanquishing the ghosts, but she's pissed about the ghost infidelity. I guess that's valid. The relationship, and the ghosts, are done . . . or are they? The necklace is still intact in the fireplace. Ooooh.
  • I'm glad that Alaric and Damon are buds again. Alaric is still angry with Damon about Damon trying to kill him, but he's the first person Damon calls when Mason is gone, and he needs a human to get to the mysterious Lockwood weapon. When they get into the place it's supposedly hiding, they find a strange, cave-like area with primitive drawings. What is it?

The Bad

  • I'm mourning the loss of Jeremy and Anna's relationship, as weird as it was. But I'm more annoyed at Elena; isn't it totally hypocritical to call Jeremy's romance with a ghost wrong when her love interests are usually vampires? Her little "I won't love a ghost for the rest of my life" speech to Stefan does little to redeem her or justify her disapproval.

The Bloody

  • We're used to seeing victims on The Vampire Diaries, but the sight of a dead Tobias Fell, murdered by a ghost tomb vampire, is pretty horrible. His bloody corpse, strung up in a tree during an event for the Mystic Falls Historical Society, is awful, and reminded me of an equally creepy scene in The Silence of the Lambs.

Did you enjoy the ghost focus of this week's episode? I liked seeing the familiar characters, and was kind of sad when they all left, but on the whole, I didn't think this episode was exciting as last week's. Are you sad to see Anna go, or are you glad we're moving on from that story line?

Photo courtesy of The CW

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