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The Vampire Diaries Recap "Heart of Darkness"

The Vampire Diaries "Heart of Darkness": The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, we take a road trip to Denver with Elena and Damon, which leads to possibly the best moment we've ever seen between these two. There's also a reconciliation for another couple, while a dearly departed character shows up with something very important to say to us all.

While everyone is trying to figure out the vampire bloodlines to determine if they can kill Klaus, Klaus has his own goal: to find the last stake that can kill Originals, which leads to a bloody standoff between Stefan and Alaric, and a surprising cliff-hanger. I don't want to spoil anything though, so let's get to the good, the bad, and the bloody after the jump.

The Good

  • The gang is trying to figure out who sired whom and determine if they can kill Klaus. They know that Rose sired Katherine and need to find out who sired her, but Rose being dead presents a little problem. Elena and Damon theorize that since Jeremy once talked to Anna and Vicki, he might be able to do it again with Rose. They head to Colorado, where they find that Jeremy has been chilling with an Original vampire, unbeknownst to him: Kol. An energetic bat fight begins, but Damon gets a wooden bat splinter through Kol's body. Later, at their motel, Jeremy summons Rose easily, but when she appears, she doesn't know which Original vampire she's related to, just the name of the woman who turned her: Mary Porter.
  • I guess Klaus doesn't have that much of a hold on Caroline, because the second she finds Tyler in the Appalachians, the clothes come off. in the afterglow, Caroline confesses the problem with the linking and that everyone who's turned by an original vampire dies if he dies. If Klaus goes, he does too, Caroline tells him‚ and admits that Damon doesn't care.
  • Stefan is left behind while Damon and Elena take their road trip, so he drowns his sorrows in booze and conversation with Alaric, who's being held until he becomes "evil Alaric" and tells them where the last stake is. It's evil Stefan vs. evil Alaric when Alaric challenges Stefan to try and kill him and bring his bad side out. Finally, Alaric admits that it's in the cave, the same one that vampires can't enter.
  • When is hand holding the hottest? When it's you and Damon Salvatore in a motel bed in the middle of night and nowhere. The little hand touch after a meaningful conversation is too much for Elena, and she rushes out of bed. When Damon follows her, girlfriend finally answers all of our prayers and lunges at Damon for possibly the best makeout that has ever been on this show. Rose tips Jeremy off about the little something' something' that's going on with Elena and Damon, but he gets to see it with his own eyes when he catches them making out. Dear Jeremy, you have the worst timing ever. Get out of here!
  • Rose's vampire "mother" Mary lives in Kansas, so Elena, Jeremy, and Damon head to her home, but they find her staked to her wall, because Kol beat them to it. He kills Mary because he knows that they're trying to find who sired who. Sidenote: Kol's a jerk, but he's pretty hot. That accent! Those sweet baseball skills!
  • Damon is already trying to determine his relationship with Elena after the showdown with Kol, basically asking her why she's suddenly so available. She admits that Stefan thinks she has feelings for Damon, and Damon reacts like he's been stung (sensitive much?) and tells Elena she has to figure it out alone. In the car on the way home, Rose appears to Jeremy again and gives him (and anyone else who's not yet team Delena) a great argument for why Elena and Damon should be together. Not only does Elena make Damon a better person, Rose says, he makes her better; he challenges her and all that good stuff.
  • Things are all romantic and rosy for Tyler and Caroline (besides the whole Tyler-might-die thing), until Tyler picks up Klaus's drawing. He wants to know why Klaus has been making a play for his girl, and even though Caroline calls Klaus creepy, Tyler raises a good point: why does she still have the drawing? Seems she might have let Klaus's affection in a little bit after all.
  • At first I was annoyed that Esther shows up to die at Rebekah's feet, but it turns out that she has bigger plans than just croaking. Rebekah takes Alaric to the cave to get the last stake, but when Alaric taunts her, not wanting to give up the stake, she reveals who she really is: Esther, having invaded Rebekah's body. This is one mother who really wants her children to die. Man, that was weird to type.

The Bad

  • Klaus is so boring this week, with nothing fun to do. Sure, he breaks Alaric's neck, but the thrill is gone. He only gets one fun one-liner when he sees a bloodied Alaric and tells Stefan he would have been gentler. So for next week: please give Klaus something better to do. Just don't kill him.

The Bloody

  • Yeah, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, because I'll be thinking of "scary Mary" and the image of her staked against her wall. What sick prop person dreamed that up? Shiver.

So what did you think of this week? Scratch that — what I really want to know is, what did you think of that big kiss? It wasn't even just a kiss this time, it was a full-on, sexy, no-holds-barred makeout. Let me know what you thought of that and everything else in the comments below.

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