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The Vampire Diaries "Homecoming": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

Brace yourself: this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries is the last for the whole year! We won't see any new episodes until 2012, which is even more disappointing considering that this week's midseason finale is utterly epic. The showdown between Klaus and basically everyone else goes down at a homecoming party, and it's a blur of stakes and daggers and twists. Damon and Elena's plan to finally kill Klaus with the help of Mikael doesn't exactly go off as they hoped it would (as plans tend to do on this show).

There is a momentous death toward the end of the episode, plus a sad breakup and of course, since it's a finale, there's also a cliffhanger. But I'm ready to talk about all the dirty details, spoilers and all. To get to the good, the bad, and the bloody, just keep reading.

The Good

  • It's homecoming at school, and Klaus takes it literally, returning from Portland after Stefan lies to him that Mikael is dead. The ruse involves Elena daggering Mikael while Stefan watches, so that Stefan can tell the truth when he tells Klaus Mikael is dead. After Klaus takes the bait, they undagger Father Original. Mikael is happy to play along because he wants Klaus dead too, and he tells the group about the weapon that can kill an original: a stake made from the storied white oak tree. Mikael hangs on to it for safekeeping because it's dangerous, and he wouldn't want to get stuck with it or anything, you know, and die.
  • Things are mostly crappy for Rebekah this week, starting with her daddy-daughter reunion. She has harsh words for Mikael about destroying the family (turning your kids into vampires makes them so dramatic), and she's bummed but resigned about the gang's plan to kill her brother. The biggest injustice is to her innocent red dress, though, which gets massacred as Elena daggers her as she's getting ready for the dance. Elena can't take the risk, she reasons, and it makes sense and all, but I'm pretty sad on Rebekah's behalf — girlfriend just wanted to experience her first high school dance.
  • Elena feels guilty about Rebekah immediately, and because of that she worries that she's the weak link in the team. But Damon has no intentions of putting Elena in the middle of the scheme to kill Klaus anyway, and he reveals that he has another plan. I love when Damon asks Elena if she trusts him and she doesn't even hesitate to say yes.
  • When the gym at school is mysteriously flooded, the party is moved to Tyler's, but he's not the host; he's just taking orders. Klaus appears onstage, and I know his presence is supposed to be frightening, but man does he look great in that suit. Tyler talks to his "sire" about the party, and Klaus points out that there are a few extra guests — vampire/werewolf hybrids that he picked up along the way, and they're all hungry for Tyler's human friends. Tyler panics, needing to protect Klaus but wanting to protect Caroline, and he vervains his own girlfriend so that Matt can get her out of the party. Tyler runs into Damon next, who's gotten into the party armed with the stake that can kill originals. They go head-to-head, but Bonnie thwarts both of them, breaking up the scuffle with a spell.
  • The best moment of the party is when Klaus is told that Mikael is at the door, and Klaus has to take a pause from his beer pong game to answer the door (maybe he spent many years at frat parties). Anyway, Mikael and Klaus face off in the doorway of Tyler's house, and Klaus threatens him with his lurking hybrids. Mikael reminds him that they're part vampire and he has already compelled them (burn!). Mikael then tries to draw Klaus out of the house by threatening to kill Elena so he can't make more hybrids, but Klaus screams at Mikael to kill her. The next action is like a fast blur: Mikael stabs Elena (which is really Katherine), and then Damon tries to stake Klaus, but Stefan jumps in, allowing Klaus to get the stake and kill Mikael. It earns Stefan his freedom, and Klaus de-compels Stefan.
  • We still get to see a fiery original death, but not the one we assumed. Damon is distraught back at the house about how their plan went wrong, and Elena tells him that they have to let Stefan go. I vote for this, especially because Stefan is less evil now and just kind of a cocky jerk — and it means that it's one step closer to Delena-ville.
  • So where did Elena and Damon's plan go wrong? When Katherine learns from Klaus at the party that if he dies, Damon dies too, she brings Stefan (unconscious at the Salvatore house after Mikael snacked on him) back to Tyler's to stop Klaus from getting murdered. They skip town together, with Katherine explaining to Stefan that she saved Damon to save Stefan too, because she likes him with a little humanity.
  • Caroline has little patience for Tyler since he's become a hybrid (but she does utter a great line in the beginning: "Quit hanging out with Rebekah, the evil blood slut!"), and she loses all her patience after he vervains her. She's conflicted about dating him while he's sired to Klaus, but he explains that being a hybrid is better because he never has to shift if he doesn't want to (I have to agree with him; that shifting is nasty business). She gives him a look that says, "I can't," and they break up.
  • This is the midseason finale, so naturally there's a cliffhanger: Stefan and Katherine have made off with all of the coffins of Klaus's family members, and Stefan calls to brag about it. Klaus freaks out when he finds the precious cargo is missing, and the episode ends with Stefan and Klaus each threatening the other's loved ones.

The Bad

  • Am I the only one who found it a little unbelievable that Katherine cared so much about the Salvatore brothers' humanity? We're so used to seeing her be unfeeling that I felt like the plot twist with her trying to do good was a bit of a stretch.
  • I dislike that Caroline and Tyler are broken up. I dislike it greatly. January reunion, please.

The Bloody

  • Ugh, was that yet another heart Damon pulls out of the hybrid guard at the homecoming party? If I had a nickel for every heart grab on this show, I'd have enough to buy a fancy lunch, at least.

What did you think of the mideason finale? It was so action packed that I almost had a hard time keeping up, but I loved the episode, mostly because Klaus doesn't die — he's too fun of a character to lose now. Do you agree or do you wish Damon had staked him? Weigh in below with that and all your other comments about the show!

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kimmieb124 kimmieb124 5 years
I agree that I would have preferred to have Mikael stick around a little longer. I figured Klaus wasn't going to die yet. I noticed he's been showing up on the credits as a regular cast member, so I have hope that he'll stick around for most of the season. I actually don't find it that unbelievable that Katherine cared about their humanity. She fell in love with both brothers while they were still human and we saw in a previous episode that she truly loved Stefan, so to me it made sense.
differentthread differentthread 5 years
I agree that the vampire senses suck, the werewolves can sense them, why can't they sense Katherine from Elena? Hey... maybe they R not paying attention. I feel that Big Bad Mikael should have been keeped around a little longer. I also would have liked to have seen Stefan undagger Elijah at the end. Speaking of Elijah... he sniffed Elena when he first arrived and said, "she's human." So yeah... I guess they have to be paying attention.
CiaoBella01 CiaoBella01 5 years
i'm confused ... so did klaus remove the compulsion so that stefan doesn't have to do everything klaus tells him to or did he take away everything like give him back his humanity? cuz it sounds like he just took out the compulsion, but stefan doesn't have his humanity back
demarco11 demarco11 5 years
Pretty good plan from Damon and Katherine, but something that irks me and has for awhile is: why cant these highly sensitive creatures tell the difference between Katherine and Elena?? Katherine has NO heartbeat! Something all supernatural creatures with heightened senses should be able to hear, not to mention they should have their own scents. I wish Mikael had been around longer -- maybe develop on the relationship between Rebekah. Thought Matt's backup date was gonna be Bonnie -- seems like those two got pretty close when dealing with Vicky.
Marisa-Tom Marisa-Tom 5 years
I'm feeling decidedly unsettled about this episode. There was so much action after last week's more expository setup and although that's not necessarily a bad thing, I was hoping for a little more context for those huge scenes. Example: um, whoa, Stefan tackles Damon at pinnacle scene and all we get is a 30 second flashback from Katherine's vantage point about why he used what little humanity he has left to protect his bro. Fine. But if they were already using the wolfsbane bombs to do away with Klaus's hybrid army, then, was it such a huge deal to foil Klaus's death? With Klaus dead, Stefan still would have gained freedom from compulsion, right? And with all this action, there was little time to really hone in on the more emotional moments this episode also presented. Example: Rebekah and Elena's necklace moment, Tyler and Caroline?!?!?!, and the Damon-Elena conversation regarding the whole "Stefan is gone" thing. I mean, those were pivotal scenes too and they felt a little glossed over, in my opinion. I think there's a good chance I'm having this mini freakout because I didn't realize we weren't getting any more TVD until January, so I'm clinging onto every last detail. With that said, the stage is set for some great revenge-ridden plots (props to Stefan for stealing the Original fam from K-dog), more Katherine development, more Damon-Elena development, and oh yeah, what the hell is going on with Tyler? Hoping for some Jeremy updates too . . . where were he and Alaric? OK, signing off for now.
ktc71 ktc71 5 years
Tomelo10....I didn't think Stefan was leaving town with Katherine. I was under the impression that she was taking him to where ever it was that he is keeing the coffins. I assumed this because I thought when they were in the car she said something to Stefan like "will you be able to handle it from here?". Not sure of the exact words, but something along those lines. So I was thinking she was dropping him off and then leaving town by herself. Another great episode!
Tomelo10 Tomelo10 5 years
I just dont get it!! Why is Stephan with leaving town with Katherine, If he´s free again!!! Klaus remove his compulsion... so why is stephan being like that?? Can u explain me??
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