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The Vampire Diaries Recap "The Hybrid"

The Vampire Diaries "The Hybrid": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries takes us on a little field trip to the Tennessee mountains, as Elena pursues her boyfriend-gone-bad Stefan. He's on a hybrid-making mission with Klaus, who may be a little closer to finding out that he never killed Elena after all.

Tyler comes clean to his mother about what he really is, but it's not enough to keep Caroline safe, who's in an interesting pickle with a shady new character. We also get to see more of Jeremy's dead girlfriend problem and a nice Damon/Elena scene. There's a lot going on, and so much to say, so let's get to the good, the bad, and the bloody when you keep reading.

The Good

  • Elena keeps up her pursuit of Stefan by asking Alaric for help. She then seeks out Tyler, who tells her about how werewolves like to chill out in the woods and enjoy themselves, and gives her a lead to the Smoky Mountains. The lead is correct — it's where Stefan and Klaus bring Ray's lifeless body to a pack of werewolves. Elena gets Alaric to come with her, and once they're on their hike, Elena gives Alaric his ring back. To Elena's surprise, Damon has come along, and he tosses Elena into the water. A simple hello would have worked, but I think Damon just wants to see Elena in a one-woman wet t-shirt contest. They argue about going home, but Damon bends to Elena's stubbornness and agrees to help.
  • The weres are terrified of Klaus, who wants to start building his hybrid army, and goes about biting, killing, and turning. First recruit Ray is having a rough transition, and he takes off through the woods. When Stefan goes after him, he sustains a deadly werewolf bite. Ray's next target is Damon, and he pounces, but Alaric disarms him. He, Damon, and Elena tie Ray up, but they're shocked to witness him turn into a werewolf — in broad daylight.
  • Ray almost gets the best of Damon, until Stefan helpfully catches up to them and plucks Ray's heart out of his chest from behind. Stefan reiterates what he said last week about letting him be, and heads back to Klaus, who's surrounded by dead hybrids. Klaus racks his brain to figure out what he did wrong, and he hesitates when he says that he killed the doppelganger. Still, he hasn't figured out that Elena is still alive, then saves Stefan from his werewolf bite by handing him a bottle of his blood.
  • Jeremy brings up his visions of Vicki again with Matt, enlisting him to help contact her since he's a family member. Matt brings Vicki's old things to Jeremy's, and Vicki appears to beg for help coming back, then shatters a window. The ghosts of girlfriends past parade keeps up, and Anna's there next to warn Jeremy not to trust Vicki. I don't know what's going on here, but I can't wait to find out.
  • After having Caroline carted off by a mystery man, Mrs. Lockwood slips Tyler some vervain in his coffee, and later, Matt gives it away when he mentions that the Mystic Grill puts vervain in its coffee too. Tyler confronts his mom, and she admits that she was trying to figure out if he's a vampire. When she tells Tyler she doesn't want him to be with the "monster" Caroline, Tyler realizes she has no idea he's a werewolf. Rather than just saying, "Hey mom, I'm a werewolf," he gives her a live show, and makes her watch him transition. It makes an impression on her, and Mrs. Lockwood says she'll make sure Caroline is OK. She tries to call off the unknown vampire hit man she put on Caroline, but he refuses to let it go. We see Caroline chained to a chair, and when the man enters the room, we find out who he is when Caroline calls him "daddy."

The Bad:

  • I find myself caring less and less about Stefan and Elena's love, especially since we get a nice little moment with Damon and Elena at the end. Damon sneaks into Elena's bedroom and tells her that he won't give up on Stefan because he saved his life, even in his darkest moment. Then he presses Elena about why she gave up at the mountains, and when she admits it's because she didn't want to see Damon hurt, Damon says he doesn't want her to forget that feeling. Don't forget it, Elena, because it's inevitable that "good" Stefan will come back, and I don't want to lose hope for Delena.

The Bloody

  • The failed hybrids endure a weird side effect: bleeding from their eyes. Number one: totally reminiscent of True Blood; number two: it's creepy on that show too.
  • I've said it before about this show: what's with all the heart-pulling-out? There are so many ways to kill someone when you're a super strong vampire! Why the heart-out-of-the-chest technique? It's gross!

What did you guys think of this week's episode? We still haven't seen Bonnie, but I'm hoping that the Vicki/Anna story line will be explored next week, and I'd think she'd be involved in that. Also, I can't wait to find out what's up with Caroline and her dad, and what his true intentions are. Tell me what you thought of the episode below!

Photo courtesy of The CW

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