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The Vampire Diaries Recap "As I Lay Dying"

The Vampire Diaries "As I Lay Dying": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

This week is The Vampire Diaries season finale, and like the movie the town is showing in the episode, some characters are Gone With the Wind by the end. Damon staggers through the episode with his fatal werewolf bite threatening to take his life, while Stefan finds a cure for him — but it has huge consequences. We also narrowly miss losing one character, but his survival might, ironically, raise two old characters from the dead.

And besides Klaus, death, and all that blood, you know you want to talk about the one, tiny moment of sweetness. So to get down to the last good, bad, and bloody of the season, just


The Good

  • Damon is despondent about his werewolf bite/death sentence, and he apologizes to Elena in an attempt to get her forgiveness. He removes his ring and steps into the sun in a half-hearted suicide attempt. Stefan catches him, and tosses him into the cell in the house to keep him from harming himself further. In search of a cure, Stefan has Bonnie channel Emily, and she sees one thing: Klaus.
  • When Stefan stops by to ask Katherine how to find Klaus, he makes it in time to witness Klaus stabbing Elijah with the dagger. Guess he's not a man of his word after all. Klaus bites Katherine, possibly turning her into a werewolf/vampire hybrid (let's call them werepires for now), and Stefan realizes that Klaus's blood is the cure. Klaus offers Stefan a deal for some of his blood; he has to do everything Klaus says. It starts with drinking bag after bag of blood, which turns Stefan into Crazy Stefan, of course.
  • Sheriff Forbes stages a raid on the Salvatore house, and Damon gets unleashed on the town in his crazed mental state. He stumbles to the town square's screening of Gone With the Wind, where Jeremy sees him and gets him into the Grill. But Sheriff Forbes is on their tail, and when she shoots at Damon, she hits Jeremy instead. Caroline and Bonnie rush in to find Jeremy mortally wounded, so Caroline has Jeremy drink some of her blood, but it's not enough to save him.
  • Bonnie starts a spell at the old witch house in order to save Jeremy, but the spirits of the witches don't want to help her, warning Bonnie of consequences, but she pushes on, as her nose gushes with blood and she sobs about her love for Jeremy. How creepy is that scene, with the eerie dead witch voices? Those will be starring in my nightmares tonight. Finally, Jeremy wakes. But when he's supposedly safe and sound at home, he gets up to investigate a suspicious noise, and he runs into two ladies from his past he wasn't exactly expecting: Vicki and Anna! I guess these are the consequences the old witches were referring to earlier. So is bringing back the two girls Jeremy loved before her just a tool to torture Bonnie, or is something more insidious going on?
  • After putting Elijah's body in a coffin, Klaus tells Stefan that he's leaving town with him. He gives Stefan one last challenge before he leaves — he wants to see Stefan hunt a human. Stefan takes the bait, killing an innocent girl. That's what we've got to look forward to in season three. Crazy Stefan is back, y'all!
  • In his mental degeneration from the bite, Damon keeps hallucinating flashbacks of himself with Katherine, while Elena appears intermittently. When Elena finds Damon wandering at the screening, he nibbles on her neck a little before realizing what he's doing. Back at the house, Elena cares for sweaty, dying Damon, as he realizes that he chose to love Katherine, along with all the other bad decisions he made. Damon remarks that Elena would have like him in the 1800s, and she sweetly tells him "I like you now, just the way you are," (Bridget Jones alert!) then kisses him. Katherine arrives, Klaus's blood in hand, and feeds Damon the cure. She lays the news on Elena that Stefan has left town with Klaus, giving her up to save Damon. Dear Elena: I know you're heartbroken now, but there's a bright side. And his name is Damon.

The Bad

  • The only bad things are that I'm confused — are Anna and Vicki alive? Or as alive as vampires can be? And are Damon and Katherine now werepires? I can't last a whole Summer not knowing!

The Bloody

  • Klaus is a nasty mother. He doesn't just stab Stefan, he has to vocalize that it's "scraping against your heart." Some things are better left unsaid, Klausy.
  • It's been a while since we've seen Stefan with the blood-stained mouth, and it's pretty terrifying. And gross. And even though there are no flashbacks showing Stefan as "a ripper," that word is enough to give me visuals.

So, we end the season with Stefan taking off with Klaus, Damon and Elena left alone (ooh la la), and Jeremy with a couple of supernatural exes to contend with. I guess next season will start with Klaus and Stefan having bloody buddy time, and hopefully, there will be some more kisses between Damon and Elena. What did you think? Chat with me in the comments below!

Join The Conversation
nancy94 nancy94 6 years
I also think Jeremy acquired a 6th sense. He said he felt different - maybe dying helps him see others who have passed? Jenna died as a vampire, so she's supernatural like Anna & Matt's sister. But I think the reason the 2 girls appeared was b/c they were Jeremy's loves & Bonnie pleaded for his life since she loved him. Maybe they are like the Ghosts of Girlfriends Past & are there to warn him about stuff to come? If Season 3 is going to be the Season of the Originals (notice: Originals <-- plural) then Elijah is surely making a comeback. He & his other relatives will likely be revived to take out Klaus. I've become a big Elijah fan. He is really appealing in his own hot, old timey time way.
xlightningboltx xlightningboltx 6 years
I thought the finale was a bit of a letdown compared to the two episodes prior to it. Saying that, it certainly raised a lot of questions. The one big thing I got out of this is that Stefan really does care for his brother. He gives the story to Elena that he's trying to find a cure for Damon because of guilt, but I think he was just putting on a face. Stefan loves his brother, despite Damon loving Elena. Indeed, I think questions should be raised as to whether Damon would have gone to all this trouble if the roles were reversed. Judging from this season, I believe, no, he wouldn't. (Controversial?) Next question: Jeremy? I don't know what's going to happen with that storyline. I'm really interested to read people's thoughts. Also, I love this - 'Dear Elena: I know you're heartbroken now, but there's a bright side. And his name is Damon.' Nicely said. I'm sad to see Crazy Stefan back, although it'll be interesting to see how Elena and Damon's relationship changes. We've got to remember that even though Crazy Stefan will no doubt do a lot of evil stuff, he's doing it out of the goodness of his heart and for the love of Damon (in my opinion). I'm sure the writers will somehow weave that idea into the plotline next season. A whole Summer without TVD! Me very very sad. PS. At this moment in time, I don't think Elena loves Damon. She kissed him because she thought he was dying in her arms.
meowalycat meowalycat 6 years
I'm with the majority in being under the assumption that the veil has been lifted for Jeremy and he is now able to see the deceased. I'm interested in seeing how the whole werevamp race plays out, and what how Stefan's role as Klaus' lackey will evolve. I also think we'll be seeing Klaus' family sometime soon, as his remark to put Elijah "with the others" indicates they're all preserved somewhere and likely can be revived/resurrected. Greatly looking forward to season 3.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
I don't think that kiss was about her feeling sorry for Damon or about her being in love with Damon. I think it was about her truly caring for him and not wanting to lose him. There is a middle ground between pity and passion.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
Maybe Jeremy can only see dead supernatural beings rather than all dead people. I loved the scene between Damon and Elena. Even if they remain just friends, it's clear that she cares about him. I like that the show doesn't follow the books exactly. It keeps us guessing!
care0531 care0531 6 years
I'm with everyone on the Jeremy thing. I think he's seeing dead people but....why is he only seeing his ex-girlfriends and not family like Jenna? The fact that Bonnie said she loved him and they said there would be consequences does it being only the ex-girlfriends have something to do with it? They are calling Season 3 the Season of the originals I can't wait! I also read an interview with Nina and she said that she is going to be playing a 3rd role next season. So we will see the original and get the whole story behind the vampires wanting the doppelganger of both Katherine and Elena. I didn't see the kiss between Elena and Damon being anything more than her feeling sorry that he loves her and he's dying....I think most of us would do the same thing. It was a simple little kiss nothing passionate. With that said....I don't like where they are going with Stefan and see his possible craziness effecting his relationship with Elena and the tables will turn where Damon is protecting Elena from Stefan.
fashionaza fashionaza 6 years
I agree with you, (comment 17 & 18) Elena kissed him because he was dying and it was a little kiss. Now that Damon is back I think he and even Katherine will go searching for Stephan. It is going to be a very interesting season 3. I can't wait!
ktc71 ktc71 6 years
Seoulmate....thank you for the clarification!
seoulmate seoulmate 6 years
Jeremy died from the gunshot wound because the person who shot the gun was human. The ring only prevents death when the killer is a supernatural being :)
ktc71 ktc71 6 years
I agree with those who say jeremy sees dead people. One thing that confused me.... When Jeremy got shot, I immediately thought he was okay because of the ring. But Bonnie I think said something about the ring not working because he's human. What about the time Damon broke his neck? Or when Alaric was killed by Damon and came back to life? Alaric is human, right? Even John came back because of the ring? Did I miss something?
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 6 years
Ooh, interesting Jeremy theories! I like to think he's seeing dead people; if so, does this mean that Anna and Vicki have been haunting him all along?
cibele cibele 6 years
Jeremy is the one who's back from the dead, not the girls.
fatimai81 fatimai81 6 years
Btw Bonnie doesn't 'see one thing' she hears it...GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT, IT"S VAMPIRE DIARIES WE"RE TALKING ABOUT HERE geeezz lmao, jp, :b On another note, didn't Elena relate to everyone supernaturally close to her, what Elijah told her: that the sun and the moon curse was a hoax actively planted by Klaus, himself--with the help of his family of course--,1000's of years ago? So why should they be concerned if Damon wanted to stand in front of the sun without his ring? All that would happen to him would be that he would be burn right..he might burn pretty bad, but still he'd heal right?
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