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The Vampire Diaries Recap "The Last Day"

The Vampire Diaries "The Last Day": The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

Whoa, what an episode, you guys! The Vampire Diaries knocked the wind out of me this week (seriously, I gasped so many times). Though the sacrifice doesn't happen yet, the buildup to the ritual brings such an unexpected turn of events. Pretty much everyone in the main group becomes a pawn in Klaus's attempt to break the curse, including Tyler (!), who is finally back in town.

I've been frustrated with how long it's taken to wrap up the Klaus/curse plot, but this week's episode is so good that I'm ready to forgive. Before I reveal any spoilers, though, let's get down to it. To recount the good, the bad, and the bloody, just read more.

The Good

  • To break the curse, Klaus needs a witch, the moonstone, and to sacrifice a werewolf and a vampire — aaand drink Elena's blood until she dies. Damon balks, even when Elijah unveils a potion to bring Elena back from the dead. Elena's ready to give herself up, and as for the other ingredients, like the werewolf, Klaus figures out a way to bring back our favorite were-boy: Tyler! He's tricked into coming home by his compelled mother.
  • Damon and Stefan find themselves in another fight over Elena, but this one's much crazier. When Elena attempts to soothe Damon about her choice to die and take Elijah's potion, she takes his hands in hers, sweetly, and he utters "I can't lose you." The tender moment is fleeting, though, because Damon thinks of another way for Elena to survive: by force-feeding her his blood so she'll have it in her system when she dies — and become a vampire. The fight is brutal, with Stefan angrier than we've ever seen him, and it only ends when he takes a stake in the gut.
  • With Tyler on deck to be Klaus's werewolf sacrifice, he finds his vampire quite easily: Caroline. After Caroline runs into Tyler outside the hospital, they have a bittersweet reunion (the four words "Take care of yourself" always reek of romantic longing, don't they?), but before he can drive away, Klaus's minions kidnap them both. Caroline and Tyler have an emotional moment in the tomb, thinking they're going to die, and Caroline asks why he left her. He says that he thought she hated him after turning his back on her, but Caroline assures him that she could never hate him.
  • To mark Elena's last day as a human, Stefan takes Elena on a hike (I can think of a million things I'd want to do besides hiking, but that's me). Stefan has the "forever" talk with Elena and he admits that Damon did what he did because he loves Elena. But Elena is too overwhelmed to even be thinking of her (very long) future with Stefan. "I don't want to be a vampire," Elena weeps. So different from Ms. Bella Swan, eh?
  • Damon wants to eliminate Klaus's werewolf to prevent the ritual, and Katherine reveals that he's chosen Caroline and Tyler. When he asks where they're hidden, Katherine won't help — until Damon lets her know that Elena has vampire blood in her system and would be an eternal rival. She obliges, directing Damon to the tomb. He finds it guarded by one of Klaus's henchmen, and an unlikely ally comes to his aid: Matt. Though Damon knocks him out almost immediately, he comes in handy after Damon frees Caroline and Tyler, because Tyler can't heed Damon's warning that he "better not wolf out on us." Tyler transforms, and Caroline and Matt are barely able to outrun him and lock themselves away from his jaws. Others are not so lucky . . . (see below).
  • Damon heads to Alaric's apartment to taunt Klaus with the knowledge that he's rescued Caroline and Tyler. His trademark smugness is quickly erased, however, when Klaus shrewdly informs Damon that he has Jules as a back-up werewolf, and now, Damon as his back-up vampire . . . but not for long. Two crazy twists follow: Klaus's witch (who is Luka's sister) leads Elena to the ritual site, where she finds Jenna unconscious, and assumes she's dead, but she's not — she's transitioning into a vampire (true fact: I gasped). And the reason why she's been turned into a vampire? Damon is useless to Klaus, because he was bitten by a werewolf (true fact: I gasped again).

The Bad

  • It doesn't happen often, but I actually have nothing to put into this category this week. Well played, Vampire Diaries.

The Bloody

  • There wasn't too much in the way of the bloody this week, either, except for one unforgettable image. After Damon forces Elena to drink his blood, the red stains running down her mouth are unnerving. Even though we've seen Nina Dobrev as Katherine, seeing the character of Elena with blood on her face, traumatized and frightened, makes a big impression.

So many crazy things in one episode! I've barely been able to process that Elena might become a vampire, Jenna has just become one, and Damon may die of his werewolf bite wound. I can't remember the last time this show had such an amazing cliffhanger episode. What did you think of it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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