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The Vampire Diaries "By the Light of the Moon": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

The moon is full on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, and as Tyler goes full werewolf, a new lady lycan comes to town to look for Mason. Katherine and Stefan continue their time together in the tomb, while Elena finds herself similarly trapped. There's still no sign of Klaus, and considering the show won't come back until January (I know, let's keep it together), we won't see him for a while.

So before we say goodbye to the series for its Winter hiatus, let's go over this episode. I've separated it into the good, the bad, and the bloody bits, so read up when you


The Good

  • Mason's death by Damon's hand resurfaces when a mystery woman comes to town. She's Jules, and has traced her missing friend Mason to Mystic Falls. She quickly deduces that Tyler is also a werewolf, and similarly, Damon suspects that she may be one too. My favorite duo, Alaric and Damon, team up to figure out Jules's deal. Alaric adds a wolfsbane roofie to her drink, but after Damon un-smoothly prods her to down it (because a girl wouldn't be suspicious about that), the jig is up. Jules angrily outs herself as a werewolf lady, threatening Damon that it's a full moon and he's been "marked."
  • To keep Elena from sacrificing herself, Bonnie creates a force field at her home. Her house arrest is fun for Damon at least, who has endless jokes for her, but it proves to actually be dangerous. Jenna takes on a project for the historical society. and has brought along a helper: Elijah! (Confession: I find him kind of dashing when he's pretending to be a regular dude). Once invited inside the house, he fills Elena in on his real motivations. He doesn't want to break the curse, and he wants to kill Klaus.
  • Operation Werewolf Transition! On the night of the full moon, Caroline and Tyler prep for his transformation, which includes heavy-duty chains, wolfsbane, and nudity (I love how hilariously uncomfortable Caroline is when Tyler drops trou). And then it happens: amid crying and surprisingly sad wails of "it hurts," Tyler's body starts to change. His eyes go yellow, his teeth sharpen, and he becomes so strong that Caroline has to run away for her own safety. Hours later, it's all over, and when Caroline returns to Tyler's side, he's human but changed in a different way. Caroline is tender, and Tyler is vulnerable — this relationship is so poignant that it's currently my favorite plotline.
  • Double double, toil and trouble, indeed. When Bonnie visits Luka's house to apologize for channeling him and nearly killing him, she notices multiple grimoires. She solicits Luka to help her destroy the moonstone, and her new ally complies; they invoke the prettiest spell ever and blow up the moonstone in a fireworks explosion. It's oddly romantic. That is, until we realize it's all a sham, with Luka telling his dad that Bonnie bought everything and the moonstone is still intact.
  • Elijah offers Elena a deal: if she doesn't do anything, and then helps Elijah draw out Klaus so he can kill him, he'll keep her friends safe. Elena agrees, but asks for one condition: for Elijah to release Stefan from the tomb, which he does, before any Katherine/Stefan Sexy Time can take place. In fact, Stefan goes very cold on her, saying "Goodbye Katherine," when she whimpers that he can't leave her in the tomb. Unscathed, he retreats back into Elena's arms, which is surely disappointing to those of you who love Damon and Elena's sexual tension.

The Bad

  • As much as I love this show, it deserves a big come on this week. After a week of titillating previews of Stefan and Katherine mauling each other, it all turns out to be just a dream. What a letdown.

The Bloody

  • Jules makes good on her promise to Damon and attacks him and Rose at the Salvatore homestead, sinking her teeth into Rose's neck. But contrary to what we've been hearing, the bite doesn't kill vampire Rose . . . not right away, anyway. Her wound heals, but not before some gnarly-looking boil appears where she was bitten. The bite Rose sustains may not be fatal, but it's definitely gross.

So neither Damon and Elena nor Stefan and Katherine crossed a romantic line this week, but it's still a pretty entertaining episode. I was a little disappointed that we didn't see Tyler as a full wolf, but other than that, I was pretty pleased with the emotional substance of his transition. What did you think? Start the chat below and then head over to the Hooked on Vampire Diaries group in the community!

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xlightningboltx xlightningboltx 6 years
What, no! Winter hiatus?! I didn't know about that; this is my favourite show on TV. Gutted. Anyway, this was a fairly okay episode I thought. Other than the Caroline/Tyler scenes, everything else was a little dull. But boy *were* those Caroline/Tyler scenes good! Ah, perhaps my favourite 'couple'. Also, I am already sick of that Jules character, nothing about her is enticing and I actually thought the bar scene with Alaric and Damon was drawn out a bit too much. Okay, we get it, she's not going to drink the wolfsbane! I can't believe this show is on a break, come back soon, TVD!
ktc71 ktc71 6 years
Loved this episode! I love Stefan and Elena together, so I was really glad he didn't get together with Katherine. I too was trying to place Jules, then remembered she was Lindsay on OTH. :) Tyler and Caroline are great together. I hope that they continue to grow closer. I'll be tuning in next week for the Vampire Diaries Marathon...gotta get my fix to hold me over until the end of January!
cheechee524 cheechee524 6 years
I concur wholeheartedly with mandi villa's analysis of, well, everything. Every time Jules came on the screen I was wondering what show I knew her from. And I'm bored with the Bonnie/Luka storyline. I guess it will be interesting to see how crazy Damon gets about his new lady's boil-ous peril in January.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
Tyler's transformation was my favorite part of this episode. It was so freaking brutal! Agree with Datura, Michael Trevino did an awesome job. I am really loving him and Caroline spending so much time together. I'd love to see a vampire/werewolf couple! It's nice to see Stefan out of the tomb, but I was hoping to see Stefan's captivity help bring Damon and Elena a little closer ;) Oh, well, no dice.
Datura2112 Datura2112 6 years
Loved the episode but it did have it's letdowns. Tyler's Transformation was stunning. Loved how Michael Trevino played it out. Kudos to Caroline for sticking with him. I just heard a podcast with Julie and Kevin, the team does not put the promos together, I guess the network does so it wasn't their fault it was misleading. How did I suddenly begin to like Elijah? Damn, they are good. Yep Stefan is locked in a tomb and we get one measly little scene with Elena and Damon? Really? C'mon, your killing many fans! Loving Rose and Damon! Let's see some jealousy from Elena. Let her see what she's missing! Good to see Alaric and Damon, but it was too short. I have a feeling we are gonna see some Werewolves die and I don't mean Tyler. So we have some Werewolves coming on, the Moonstone that deals with Vampires and Werewolves Curse, then the biggest, baddest, meanest Vampire coming to town for Elena and the Moonstone? I have a feeling they are gonna leave us with one hell of a season finale.
dani8891 dani8891 6 years
Loved this episode! I loved the scenes with Tyler and Caroline and loved the end with Stefan and Elena!
Mandi-Villa Mandi-Villa 6 years
My thoughts... - Is it just me or does anyone else look at "Jules" and only see "Lindsay" from One Tree Hill? Every time she came on the screen I kept thinking, "where's Lucas?" - I totally agree with Elijah being a dashing dude. Maybe he will stay around for a while and have a little snuggley boo boo time with one of the characters? - Poor Tyler! Although I laughed a little during his transformation, "ugh it hurts," I thought it was sweet how Caroline stayed the whole time. Even when he tried to scratch her face off. Now that's love. - Bonnie and Luka - ehh - I think I'm ready for a little more Bonnie and Jeremy action. And now... drum roll please... - The love square (?) WHAT A LET DOWN! Those previews were totally misleading! I thought Stefan and Katherine were going to have sexy time and realize they love each other and can't live without one another (aka Katherine would put a spell on Stefan), leaving Damon and Elena to finally get together! But nooooo, Elena had to get Stefan released from the tomb. Really Elena? Like reeeeally? I KNOW she wanted to snuggle with Damon. You can cut their sexual tension with a knife! Alas, J Plec, LJ Smith, and K Williamson continue to toy with my emotions. On a happy note, Damon I'll be your "special friend" ;)
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
While I was glad that Stefan didn't go completely out of character, I agree that it was a letdown for the Stefan and Katherine scene to only be a dream. Even though I'm normally a sucker for Elena and Damon, I was glad Stefan stayed true to Elena and I was really happy to see the couple reunited at the end. Ever since Damon started banging Rose, I've kind of lost interest in him for Elena. Yeah, I know that Elena is with Stefan and why should Damon have to be alone, but on the other hand he and Rose keep alluding to how in love Damon is with Elena and then they have sex. It's just a little weird for me and so I'm shifting to team Stefan. I was disappointed we didn't see wolf Tyler, but I loved his interactions with Caroline throughout the episode, especially at the end. I don't like or trust Luka and I hate how he tricked Bonnie. I think Bonnie and Jeremy have much better chemistry, so I'm still rooting for them. Oh, and Elijah is very sexy even if he has a super evil side.
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