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The Vampire Diaries Recap "Monster's Ball"

The Good, Bad, and Bloody Moments of The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries gang celebrates Halloween this week, but for a show about vampires and witches, things are pretty tame. It almost seems like we're going to see two characters die, but the only thing that croaks is Tyler and Caroline's relationship. There's a pretty good revelation about Katherine I didn't see coming, a brief peek into Elena's diary (spoiler alert: she's still sad about Bonnie), a new character, and an almost-promise that Silas will be dying and getting out of our lives soon.

Honestly, the most exciting thing about this week is the hint that we might see a crossover between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but maybe that's because around here, we miss Klaus being on TVD so much that we found a way for them to be together. Anyway, let's get to what's good, bad, and oh so bloody after the jump!

The Good

  • Let's go straight to the most interesting part of this week: Nadia. Turns out that she's not just some supernatural Eurotrash floozy, she's been tracking Katherine because she's Nadia Petrova — Katherine's daughter. In retrospect, their meeting is a little marred, what with the restaurant staking and all, but they have a nice moment when Katherine tells Nadia she came back to look for her way back in the 15th century, and then offers up that it's nice to meet her.
  • Remember how we got closure Bonnie's death last week? Well, rip that Band-Aid right off because Damon wants to bring her back.They just have to kill Silas, and even Bonnie's not into the plan, but Damon goes forward with it with a wild look in his eye. In the process, he has to kill Stefan so Silas will cooperate with him. But not really kill, just vampire kill, where you just get knocked out for a minute because your neck is broken. This still lands in the good category for the neck-breaking back-and-forth that ensues between Stefan and Damon. Oh, brothers!
  • Tyler is acting weird with Caroline, and it's not just because she's so pushy she even decides his major for him. He tells her he can't do college right now, because his thing right now is all about destroying Klaus's life. Yes, Klaus! Someone finally acknowledges the show's major character who's been gone on his own spinoff. It's pretty crappy for Caroline that she asks him to stay and be the love of her life, then gives him an ultimatum that if he takes one more step, they're done. You know how dudes always love getting an ultimatum from a crying girl! Anyway, anyone who's been watching knows this relationship was already over. Let's go back to what's important: this sounds like we'll be seeing Tyler in New Orleans!
  • Qetsiyah gets to have her moment to destroy Silas, squeezing his heart like she's the wicked queen on Once Upon a Time. She makes him rot from the inside out, but since Silas pretty much doesn't die, he's just gross and gray for a few hours, until Damon tricks Katherine into coming over. He literally feeds Katherine to Silas, letting him drain her, and he — and we — say "goodbye Katherine" as she slumps to the ground.

The Bad

  • Oh, but it's not "goodbye Katherine." Her heart is still beating, so that's a lot of buildup for nothing.
  • We spend way too much time learning about a mystical anchor that binds Qetsiyah's spell to the other side. That's why she's at the historical ball — well, not to find the anchor, but to find the talisman so she can do a locator spell. Did you follow her while she was explaining that? Good for you.
  • Dr. Maxfield is my new least favorite character, and I'm having a hard time getting excited about this other new guy, Aaron, who knew Megan, the dead roommate. Maxfield is Aaron's guardian, and Aaron thinks he himself is cursed because everyone around him dies (heard that story before). I hope they get more interesting, because right now, they're just making me glaze over.

The Bloody

  • Katherine's death scene could have been bloodier, but besides that, I thought the scene was very well done. Up until it's revealed that she doesn't die (see above).

What did you think of this week?

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