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The Vampire Diaries Recap "The Murder of One"

The Vampire Diaries "The Murder of One": The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

Excuse me while I try to contain my excitement, but Klaus is back, you guys! After his glaring absence caused me to enjoy The Vampire Diaries far less than usual, my favorite villain is back this week. He's trying to unlink the spell that means death to him and all his siblings, and Stefan, Elena, Damon, and everyone else are trying to kill him (yes, still) before he succeeds.

As usual, Team Kill the Originals are thwarted by the old vampires, and Damon spends much of the episode being tortured with his pecs getting some much-needed air. And amid all the action, Stefan and Elena have a very important conversation about where her heart lies. Ready to get down to the good, the bad, and the bloody? Let's do it.

The Good

  • Once again: Klaus is back! He and Rebekah find Finn in the city, and try to get him to come back to Mystic Falls because they need his blood to get the linking spell broken. Finn resists, but after he's manhandled all the way back to Mystic Falls, he does get a little treat: Sage, his long-lost love. Sage's sweet words are able to convince Finn to live, but their reunion bliss is short-lived.
  • Damon, Alaric and Stefan are busy in wood shop turning the bridge sign into stakes, and they get everyone involved in their little scheme to stake one Original so all will die. They even include recovering serial killer Alaric, who wants to turn himself in, but Damon wants him to put the ring back on and go vampire hunting. Yes, the same ring that made him crazy. More on that later. Naturally, the scheme goes awry almost immediately, and Rebekah ambushes Damon and Alaric. Cue shirtless Damon torture scene as she tries to bleed the vervain from his system so he can be compelled.
  • Elena can't find Bonnie, and it's because her social schedule is totally packed with figuring out the unlinking spell for Klaus. She's not trying hard enough, Klaus decides, so he gives her more incentive by showing her a video of Jeremy in Mile High City, which his brother Kol has taken, and he threatens her mom. Over at the Mystic Grill, Sage and Finn drink some vervain-laced tequila, and when they realize it, they tackle Stefan outside. Stefan goes to stab Finn, but Sage overpowers him, and Elena goes all Buffy and stakes Finn, who dies for real. Since Klaus is still standing, it's clear that Bonnie's spell worked. Bonnie is pretty winded from the whole experience, and she breaks down after leaving Klaus's and refusing to help Damon.
  • Sage seeks revenge on Stefan, but she's got a cough so bad it's hard to fight. After she and her minion Troy die, they realize that they're related by Finn's bloodline, and that means that anyone on the same bloodline of an Original will die if they die — including Stefan, Damon, Caroline, and everyone in the "vampire species." This means we're about to embark on a pretty massive research project: figure out the bloodlines to determine if anyone is related to Klaus. Caroline realizes with a chill that Tyler was sired by Klaus, and will die if Klaus does. I say keep Tyler and Klaus and just teach Klaus to be sweet, OK?
  • Realizing they don't want any of their vampire buds to die, Stefan tries to hand over most of the rest of the white oak stakes in exchange for Damon, but he lies about how many are left — and when Rebekah and Klaus find out there are three more in the world, they let Damon go, but threaten to kill them until they have all the stakes. It would be easy to hand them all over — if Alaric's psycho side hadn't taken over and uh, lost one. Whoopsies!
  • After Stefan feels defeated by Klaus again, he mopes to Elena about failing again, and it makes him get all mushy. Even though he's still sort of evil Stefan, he brings up feelings and drops some bombshells: A) that he loves her, and B) that he is well aware that Elena is in love with Damon, even if she can't admit it. Saying that she doesn't know what she feels is enough to convince Stefan — and me — that she's head over heels for Damon.

The Bad

  • Are they just drawing out Alaric's life on this show? It feels like he's about to be killed off, and I'm conflicted about whether I want him to stick around or not. Can we give him something else to do besides just being a secret homicidal maniac?

The Bloody

  • I love a good shirtless scene as much as the next girl, but Damon's torture scene is a bit too nasty to enjoy. I winced when Rebekah talks about "finding an artery," but I had a physical reaction when Klaus compels Damon to pull his hands out of the metal binds.

What did you think of this week? Did you do cartwheels like me when you saw that Klaus was back?

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