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The Vampire Diaries Recap "My Brother's Keeper"

The Vampire Diaries "My Brother's Keeper": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

The Vampire Diaries has a lot going on this week, but really, I'm concerned with one thing: Elena and Damon's relationship. We pick up just after her breakup with Stefan, and the two are like magnets to each other, and it culminates in a scene so hot that not even a big bombshell at the end of an episode can ruin it. The other thing that threatens to (but can't) ruin their romance is the fact that Jeremy desperately wants to kill his sister — and might not stop at anything.

To be fair, other good stuff does happen this week, particularly Caroline and Klaus's date, so let's go over that, and the other good, bad, and bloody stuff, after the jump.

The Good

  • First off, I love the look on Damon's face as he takes in the news of the breakup, and then the subsequent sympathetic offer to hang out and console his brother. It's obvious he won't be able to stay away from Elena, but at least he doesn't do a touchdown dance when he hears the news.
  • Breakup Stefan is way more interesting than happy Stefan. He's not handling the breakup well (aside: I love that Caroline is who he vents to), and instead of sobbing into a gallon of ice cream, he channels his energy into being proactive. Damon informs him that they need to find a slayer to kill vampires so they can generate the map that finds the cure, but he doesn't think it should be Jeremy. Stefan goes rogue and starts making vampires to kill, and he's perfectly fine with Jeremy being the hunter. Clearly he's desperate to make Elena human again and thinks he can rid her of those vampire-fueled feelings for Damon.
  • Jeremy is feeling the effects of being a new vampire hunter, which include the cool (super strength, which allows him to carry kegs, which will make him so popular in college) and the not-so cool (fantasizing about killing Elena). But the best part is his inability to be compelled, which comes in handy right when Stefan tries to bully him into giving him the latest map detail.
  • Eeeee! I got goosebumps when Damon says that Stefan didn't tell him why he and Elena broke up, and then follows it up with "Why don't you tell me?" And then Elena says, "You," and I died. Professor Shane interrupts their awesome conversation, but I loved when Damon gives Elena a look that says, "We'll continue this conversation later."
  • Yay to the Gabby Douglas cameo! It's a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, but I like thinking of how excited The Vampire Diaries fan was to shoot that scene.
  • The other couple I'm rooting for is Klaus and Caroline, who have a pretty perfect first date, considering. They drink Champagne to a strings version of the song "Falling Slowly," flirt playfully (I love, love, loved when Klaus reads her Miss Mystic application), and he's the most charming version of himself. (The quote of the night is "Let's get you a drink. I'll tell you all about being the bad guy.") He even opens up to show that he's sensitive, talking about the one time he wanted to be human. The juxtaposition of his eloquent speech with Tyler's bone-headed summation of it as "a bunch BS about being human" is so funny.
  • As much as I feel for Stefan, he needed to be put in his place after he breaks up the sibling brawl between Jeremy and Elena. I liked Elena's "this is who I am now speech" and I'm glad that she gets a little irked at Stefan wanting her to be anything else. I mean, sure, he wants her to be human, which is pretty noble-sounding, but you gotta love someone for who they are, not who you want them to be.
  • And now: the final scene. Elena has moved out of her house, Matt has moved in to Elena's house, and Stefan banishes himself from his place, not wanting to be Elena and Damon's roomie. Then Elena and Damon start with a dance, which leads to a kiss, which leads to clothes-ripping and full-on getting-it-on. Sure, it might be because Elena is sired to Damon, which Caroline figures out, but it's still a TV-screen-scorcher.

The Bad

  • I always love Caroline, but she's kind of overstepping when it comes to Damon and Elena. She wants the best for her friend (and I giggled at the coining of "friendtervention"), but it's just Friendship 101 that you don't tell your girlfriend that you want to barf when you think about her dating the boy she likes. Good thing Klaus is there to rein her in.
  • Speaking of overstepping, it's off-the-charts rude for Hayley and Tyler to show up at the pageant together. And then to show up and start mocking it, if you're Hayley. I was excited about her character at first, but her tough-girl act is starting to wear on me, and now I dislike her more that I know she's working with Professor Shane.

The Bloody

  • It's not too bloody of a week, except for Jeremy and Elena's slayer vs. vampire showdown. That neck dart looked painful.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Elena is really sired to Damon?

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