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The Vampire Diaries Recap of "Our Town"

The Vampire Diaries "Our Town": The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

After last week's epic kiss, this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries is almost a little disappointing, except that so many other crazy non-Elena/Damon things happen. It's Caroline's birthday, but it's not all cake and tequila shots with her friends, and Stefan tries his hardest to be a baddie but just ends up looking like a jerk.

On the Damon and Elena front, she's still feeling bad for having Jeremy sent away, and Bonnie has some harsh words for the already guilty-feeling Elena. I'm ready to get down into it, so if you are too, let's deconstruct it into the good, the bad, and the bloody after the break.

The Good

  • Post-kiss fallout: Damon is so pleased with himself that he even showers smug, but Elena is less cheerful, taking out her confusion on a punching bag. Come on, you know you were psyched for a little while, girl.
  • Caroline's 18th birthday starts out with a slump because it's her first birthday that she has to confront the fact that she's dead, so she's not even really 18. Things just keep getting worse on her b-day when Tyler sorrowfully tells her that he wants to put her first, but he can't because of Klaus's sire bond. He hands her a charm bracelet and walks away. Elena, Matt, and Bonnie decide to cheer her up by celebrating her death rather than her birth: with tequila and birthday cake, they give her a funeral of sorts so she can move on. It's not the usual way you celebrate becoming legal, but it's sweet.
  • Stefan is still trying to keep Klaus under his thumb by hiding the coffins of the originals, but now it seems like he's getting off on trying to be the bad guy. He thinks he's so cool with his little coffin secret that he feels cocky enough to demand that Klaus get rid of all the hybrids in Mystic Falls, or he'll sink Klaus's family members in the ocean. In a faceoff at the Klaus haus, Stefan proves he'll do it by cutting off the head of one of Klaus's hybrids.
  • Angry, Klaus tries to force Tyler to bite Caroline to get at Stefan, and Tyler refuses. So Klaus brings out a weapon we don't see that often: his charm. At a founder's council meeting, he shows up and schmoozes with Tyler's mom to broker a peace treaty so Stefan will lay off of his hybrids. Even Sheriff Forbes thinks it's a good idea, but Stefan, drunk on his own power, refuses to make a deal.
  • When Tyler realizes he can resist Klaus when it comes to Caroline, he crashes her party to tell her. She tries to say that maybe they're not meant to be together, but Tyler makes her (and me) melt when he says he loves her. They kiss in what would be the sweetest scene of the episode, but Tyler's a nibbler. He bites her, doing exactly what Klaus told him to do. He seems genuinely confused about it, so was he faking his speech to Caroline, or is this just Klaus's strange, super powerful magic?
  • You guys? Are Klaus and Caroline going to be a thing? It feels like he's pulling a Damon when the normally ruthless vampire goes to Caroline's house to offer to save her. Of course he has an ulterior motive, but he's so tender when he shows up in her bedroom to tell her that there's a whole world out there for her as an immortal if she wants to live. She decides she'll stick around, and drinks some of Klaus's blood, waking up the next morning feeling hunky-dory. Note: if Klaus said anything to me in the soft way he says "on your birthday?" to Caroline, I would also say yes to anything. But she's not the only thing that's alive: something is brewing between those two.
  • Oh Stefan, you just became Mystic Fall's worst ex-boyfriend. Refusing to budge and leave Klaus's hybrids alone, Stefan kidnaps Elena, speeding down a road threatening to kill her so Klaus can't make more hybrids. It's bad enough that he force-feeds her his blood with the intention of turning her into a vampire in case she dies, but choosing the same bridge where her parents died (at least the ones she thought were her parents) to do it? Poor taste, my friend. And then he has the nerve to say that he had to be that insensitive because Elena's "fear sold it"? That is never-getting-back-together territory.
  • Even though Elena has every right to swan dive directly into the welcoming arms of Damon, when they return to the scene of the last kiss, she's too broken down for any makeouts. "You can't kiss me again. It's not right," she whimpers, while practically begging for a kiss with her quivering lip. Frustrating, but you know why it'll be OK? They'll kiss again. Oh yes. They will kiss again.

The Bad

  • I'm so not interested in the mysterious new character of Dr. Fell. We have enough villains on this show right now; I can't handle some new chippy with a penchant for (probably) staking humans to death.
  • Bad friend alert: I know it's the alcohol talking, but it's just plain rude for Bonnie to criticize Elena for having Jeremy compelled. Girlfriend was in a tough spot! Just support your friend, learn some new spells, move on.

The Bloody

  • Damon has pulled so many hearts out of chests that it doesn't even mean anything to me anymore. Oh but now he also tosses them aside like empty beer cans. Cute.

What did you think of this week? Did Stefan finally cross a line he can't come back from? And do you agree with him that he had really lost Elena when he left Mystic Falls with Klaus? Also, am I the only one who thinks something might be up between Caroline and Klaus? Weigh in below!

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