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The Vampire Diaries "Pictures of You": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

It's time for prom on The Vampire Diaries, and even though beloved characters have recently died and there's a threat of every dead supernatural creature coming back to life, the gang still finds time to put on some formalwear, drink punch, and boogie. It's fun for a prom episode, and I'm happy that most of the drama that happens this week is the kind of drama that happens at most high schools (you have no date to the dance, some other girl is wearing your dress, you don't win prom queen, etc.).

Still, this is The Vampire Diaries, so there is some blood loss, biting, and very dangerous supernatural problems. Ready to break it all down, from who slow dances with whom to who wins prom queen? Get all of the good, the bad, and the bloody after the jump.

The Good

  • What's the worst thing one girl friend can do to another girl friend? STEAL HER PROM DRESS. That's what Elena does to Caroline, and it's pretty rude. Talk about a loss of humanity! It's also very funny and very Mean Girls. Anyway, Caroline should be grateful, because that smile she gets from Klaus when she asks him to rustle her up a dress for the dance is priceless.
  • Rebekah and Klaus take turns trying to convince Elijah they deserve the cure. Elijah chooses Rebekah, but he wants to know it's not one of her "h-whims" (that's how he says it, with an extra H at the beginning) by living one day as a human. Prom is later that night, which is a pretty great human experience — even if you don't have a date.
  • As for the people who do have dates, well, it's a little unusual. Matt, Bonnie, and Caroline are each other's dates while Stefan and Damon are Elena's escorts (three-way prom dates are all the rage in Mystic Falls). Stefan and Damon have their own prom plan: to make Elena want the cure by making her turn her "humanity switch" back on. Stefan's technique is being all cutesy on the dance floor, but it just ends up turning his feelings for Elena back on. But there's a little moment between Stefan and Caroline when she talks about him moving on, right?
  • Usually people are just jealous of you when you're prom queen, but Elena actually tries to kill the newly crowned Bonnie so Silas can't get her to do the spell. Bonnie's dark magic kicks in and defeats Elena, though, and to prevent things from turning Carrie at that prom, Bonnie gets out of there. Elena doesn't learn her lesson and sneak-attacks Bonnie again, and again Bonnie gets the better of her, almost killing her. The guys think Elena's fear of death means she's still got some humanity, so they put her in time-out in the Salvatore cell, where all bad vampires go.
  • Tyler's back, but only for one dance. As soon as he exits Caroline's house, Klaus stops him — but nicely lets him go so he doesn't ruin Caroline's prom night. What a guy!
  • When Elena satisfies her hunger with April, Matt calls for Rebekah to feed her her blood. She protests since she's supposed to be doing un-vampirey activities, but Matt tells her this is how you be human, by being good. So she helps, and though Matt says he'll keep her secret, we know Klaus won't. Question: why is he even at the prom? What a creepy lurker! In the end it doesn't matter what Rebekah does, because Silas appears to Elijah as Rebekah and snatches it for himself.

The Bad

  • It's annoying that we keep getting faked out by Silas — this week alone he appears as Jeremy, Damon, Stefan, and Rebekah— but it's even more annoying that he's about to reveal his true face to Bonnie and we only see a shadow of it! I mean, it sounds like he's ugly since Qetsiyah made it so no woman could ever love him, but we can take it. Just show us. It'll be like ripping off a Band-Aid.
  • Klaus gets a letter from Katherine that will lead him to New Orleans, but it's just setup for next week's episode, which happens to also be something of a pilot for The Originals spin-off. I groaned, because as much as I love Klaus, are we not going to see any of our usual Mystic Falls people aside from him next week? Color me not excited.

The Bloody

  • Elena just takes a hunk of April's neck. But seriously, how is that girl still standing? I disagreed with Matt as he's begging Rebekah to save April — maybe she should have just let the girl die. She's been through so much. It might just be her time.

What did you think of this week's episode?

Image Source: The CW
Screamqueen77 Screamqueen77 4 years
I loved Bonnie in this episode, it seems like things are really building with her story. I'm glad that even though my work shift at DISH is busy, I won't miss where it's heading. My DISH Anywhere app streams shows recorded on my DVR, to my tablet, keeping me from falling behind. Nothing's better than spending my train home watching shows.
Cristy0010 Cristy0010 4 years
This prom was so normal, but with a touch of blood and magic. I don't know if I'm the only one but I like Elena being a bitch. As you wrote Shannon, I also feel that little moment between Stefan and Caroline. I love so much their friendship, that I'm not sure how weird would be seem them as a couple. It made me sad see Bonnie suffers so much about Jeremy and her witch power, I afraid that is not going to end it well. Also I'm so bored of Silas being every character of TVD, Please show him quickly. Other than that can't wait next week episode.
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