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The Vampire Diaries Recap "Stand by Me"

The Vampire Diaries "Stand by Me": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries brings us back after Jeremy's death, and instead of grief, there's mostly talk of bringing him back. As Elena wallows in denial, Bonnie is slowly getting closer to the darker side as Professor Shane convinces her that she can raise him and lots of other dead — but, of course, there's a catch.

This is one of the most emotional episodes in a long time, with several characters suffering from bouts of anguish, and it's also ominous for a few reasons. There's a new villain on the loose, Bonnie may be turning a corner, and Elena has undergone an unexpected transformation. Let's get to it all in the good, the bad, and the bloody after the jump.

The Good

  • Elena is in hard-core denial about Jeremy being dead, and unfortunately, this is the one time his ring can't bring him back from death. As one of the five, he's supernatural, but since his tattoo is gone, Elena reasons that maybe it also means he wasn't supernatural when he died. Dr. Fell assures Elena that her brother is indeed dead, warning her of all the icky, real-dead things that are going to happen to his body (it's sad and gross that Stefan and Caroline's supersmelling skills detect that Jeremy's body is starting to decompose). Elena's still convinced that Bonnie can fix him with magic, but man, we all have to face it: Jeremy's really dead, guys.
  • Damon's trying to be a good boyfriend and bring Bonnie back to Mystic Falls, knowing it's what Elena wants. Bonnie has woken up in the forest with Shane, who tells her that Jeremy is dead and professes that Silas can bring him back, along with all the other dead she loves. Professor Crazypants needs Bonnie to do Silas's dirty work, though, and it is dirty. His three massacres leave a powerful powder in the ground that Shane thinks Bonnie can tap into, but the catch is that there have only been two massacres. Bonnie is initially not OK to kill a dozen people, but once she has a Jeremy hallucination, she's all in.
  • While Damon's on the hunt for Bonnie, he finds Vaughn instead, and learns that he was there in the first place because of Katherine, who knew about everything from Hayley, Tyler's werewolf friend. Vaughn manages to freak Rebekah out about Silas, warning her that they'll all be dead unless they use the cure to kill Silas. One other thing — no one knows what Silas looks like now.
  • Or do we? In a nice little twist; Rebekah is lost in the woods, and she comes upon someone — Professor Shane, whose leg never healed. So the Shane who's been convincing Bonnie is not him, of course — it's Silas.
  • After drinking the Krazy Kool-Aid, Bonnie stumbles to Damon and tells him that she can bring Jeremy back, though Qetsiyah's spell established an "other side," and they would actually bring back every supernatural being too (is it just me, or are there about a thousand details to this spell that Professor Shane keeps introducing?). Damon knows Bonnie's talking crazy-talk, and while it seems like it's what grieving Elena wants to hear, she takes a call and finally says out loud that Jeremy's dead. As she comes to grips with it, she freaks out, soaking the house in gasoline to burn it down with Jeremy in it. She's inconsolable, and as Stefan and Damon both look pained and helpless, Stefan asks Damon to help her, so Damon uses the sire bond to make her turn off her humanity. The big question now is whether this is the rise of evil Elena. She's definitely not feeling sentimental — with a dead look in her eyes, she lights a match and burns down the Gilbert house, along with Jeremy's body.
  • Though Elena's breakdown is a big one, I have to give the Breakdown of the Week to Matt, both for impressive sobbing skills and because we've never seen him lose it before. Broke my heart.
  • And the most touching moment goes to the Damon-and-Stefan talk after Elena is relieved of her humanity. They don't say much, but the few words they do have — and the arm-pat — speak volumes. That's a lot for dudes!

The Bad

  • Caroline keeps calling Tyler, who's not answering. I hate to quote He's Just Not That Into You, but I'm pretty sure there's a chapter in there about this. Yeah, yeah, I know this could indicate a worse fate for Tyler, but so far I'm not compelled.

The Bloody

  • There's no feeding or big shows of violence this week, but Rebekah does get shot with a wooden dart right in the back. It's not really gross, but it is kind of hilarious, since she gets shot because Damon uses her as a shield, then rubs it in, saying, "Better you than me."

What did you think of this week's episode?

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