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The Vampire Diaries "The Sun Also Rises": The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

We're just one week away from the season finale of The Vampire Diaries, and this next-to-last episode has almost as much drama as I expect next week will have. Klaus's sacrifice to break his curse finally takes place — but the conclusion isn't exactly what I thought was going to happen.

There's also a major death, along with a few minor ones and several near misses. All in all, it's a pretty violent installment, and I'm ready to talk about what happened. To discuss the good, the bad, and the bloody of the episode, just


The Good

  • Let me just say how happy I am to see Tyler and Caroline re-igniting their bond. After Matt shoots Tyler in werewolf form, he and Caroline flee to the Lockwood house. Matt admits that he was never compelled to forget that Caroline was a vampire and has been spying on her for her mother. Tyler ends up back in his human form (naked, of course), and when Matt sees her caring for him, he observes what her life is like now, and basically tells her that his life is tough enough without a vampire girlfriend. Don't feel bad for Caroline getting dumped — she ends up cuddling in the arms of a nude Tyler by the end of the episode (OK, he's got a blanket on, but you know you were thinking about it too).
  • Jeremy and Bonnie resume their studying to devise a plan to ensure Elena doesn't die in the sacrifice, and John, Damon, and Alaric join them. With the help Emily Bennett and Jonathan Gilbert's diaries, they figure out a way to save Elena from vampirehood: if they can keep her soul intact, she won't transition.
  • At the sacrifice site, Jenna is transitioning into a vampire, and to Elena's horror, she completes the final step when Greta makes her drink her blood. Greta then delivers Jules to Klaus, and she makes three fiery rings for each person being sacrificed. But Stefan has a new plan when he learns that Klaus has taken Jenna; he wants to exchange Jenna for himself. He crashes the sacrifice, but Klaus doesn't let them trade spots, instead incapacitating Stefan.
  • Terrified, Jenna strikes and attacks Greta, and Klaus, sadly, makes his next sacrifice, staking Jenna. The kids who were already orphans really are orphans. Losing Jenna is really like her and Jeremy's family unit falling apart. John, the last parent in Elena's life, collapses after sacrificing himself so that Elena can live off of his life force. He leaves Elena with his ring, so she's sort of protected now, but it's not the same as having a loving guardian.
  • After Klaus sinks his teeth into Elena's neck, she falls to the ground, seemingly dead. As Klaus transitions, Bonnie does a spell-march into the site, weakening him as he writhes on the ground. Damon kills Greta and retrieves Elena's lifeless body, and as Elijah is poised to finish off Klaus, Klaus pulls out his trump card. Promising to lead him to the bodies of their siblings he murdered, Klaus manipulates Elijah into saving him, and Elijah can't resist. They escape together. Get ready for "a new order" to contend with.
  • I'm scared about Damon's werewolf bite, but I'm fairly certain that the cure Stefan vows to find will be found. And though Damon requests that Stefan keep this bit of info from Elena, I'm sure that she'll find out right away. Secrets don't really stay secret for long on this show.

The Bad

  • Klaus is still on the loose? Enough already! If he doesn't take a stake (or silver bullet, or whatever kills the new order of hybrid) in the season finale next week, I will stake my TV.

The Bloody

  • It's not enough for Klaus to pull out Jules's heart, he has to squeeze the blood out of it too? Nasty. I hope Elijah takes Klaus somewhere he can wash his hands.
  • I have to say, Elena's perfect bite marks from Klaus look downright dainty. Everyone else is sort of made a mess of, but pretty Elena gets the classic two-hole punch. Cute.

What did you think of this week? Will you miss Jenna? Though it's upsetting for the kids, I thought the death was kind of anticlimactic. Discuss below, and let me know how excited you are for the season finale next week!

Photo courtesy of The CW

xlightningboltx xlightningboltx 6 years
Although I preferred last week's episode, I do acknowledge that this episode had to happen for the good of the story. I would say, though, that the whole John's soul swapping places with Elena's or something was quite confusing and abrupt. I feel like it came out of no-where. I don't even think the explanation makes sense. Nonetheless, can I just get a HELL YEAH for Bonnie's magic scene against Klaus?! That was excellent. I think this whole second half of the season was building up for that, and it was worth the wait. Bonnie is so kickass right now. I did cry at Jenna's funeral. Not ashamed to say that. But seriously, this show is running out of humans. Still love TVD.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
So happy to see Caroline and Tyloer together! I hope Matt stays on the show. I like that he's the one normal kid in the cast. I'm sad about Jenna and I was surprised to find that I was actually sad to see John go, too. I didn't really like his character, but you could see he genuinely cared about Elena and I was sad when he sacrificed himself for her. I feel bad for Elena and Jeremy with no real family left, and I'm interested to see what happens with Klaus and Elijah. I like Elijah, so I'm not ready to be done with him. I am glad Caroline knows now about her mom, but I wonder what is going to happen with that situation.
brilliance13 brilliance13 6 years
this episode made me cry! but this recap was hilarious!! I didn't really like Jenna... I thought her acting was off and like GucciGuilty said she didn't seem to have chemistry with the rest of the cast.
pinkflake2 pinkflake2 6 years
Didn't John's letter to Elena say that the ring was for her unborn child? So I think he knew that it wouldn't work for her.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
I hated Jenna. Thank god shes dead. The actress who plays her is just annoying to see on screen. I don't think she had chemistry with the rest of the characters and her nostrils were always flared lol. I love Matt, and I love him with Caroline but Tyler and her are so cute and for some reason I'm really pushing for them. I also have to say Elijah is growing on me...and so is Klaus. I'm over Damon and his annoyingness. They've overdone, or at lest will overdo his feelings for Elena in the next ep. Hes getting too mushy.
ladylove004 ladylove004 6 years
I was sad about Jenna, not jsut for Elena and Jeremy, but Alaric too, poor guy can't catch a break on the gfs becoming vampires and dying bit And I am so rooting for Caroline and Tyler too!!
ellaella15 ellaella15 6 years
Oh my gosh! Cannot wait to see what happens with Tyler and Caroline! <33
cibele cibele 6 years
It's sad she died, but since I thought it was Alaric to die, I feel sad and relieved at the same time. Like gtettey said, she didn't have a huge role.
care0531 care0531 6 years
I don't think Klaus will die because they are calling next season "The Season of the Originals". I am so sad about Jenna! When we were shocked with her being turned last week I had a bad gut feeling that it was the end for her. I have a feeling that it opens the door for a new unexpected Gilbert family member to come back and help stir up some drama/trouble :)
gtettey gtettey 6 years
I was definitely thinking that about Tyler. But Caroline got under the cover with him! I'm wondering if John knew about the ring. It won't work on Elena since she's technically supernatural, as Elijah pointed out last episode. If he did then maybe it was for sentimental/familial value. But I'm guessing he didn't. I'm also ready for some resolution with Klaus. I would like to see more Elijah though. I'm with anonymous. I was thinking Sheriff Forbes is out. Jenna dying was sad, but more so empathetically for Elena and Jeremy. She didn't have a huge role in the storyline besides her relationship with Alaric.
cibele cibele 6 years
"she ends up cuddling in the arms of a nude Tyler by the end of the episode (OK, he's got a blanket on, but you know you were thinking about it too)..." You got me. I was o.O he's naked. I love them together and it was such a sweet moment. And Damon is not gonna die. I'm curious to see what they will invent to prevent this.
jannam jannam 6 years
I was sad that Jenna and John both had to die =/ And I am upset that Klaus STILL isn't dead yet....
luthien-tinuviel luthien-tinuviel 6 years
I don't want Klaus to die yet--he can't be the Big Bad and die in just a few episodes. It's hard finding good villains (thought I don't think Klaus has lived up to his potential just yet).
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