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The Vampire Diaries Recap "The Ties That Bind"

The Vampire Diaries "The Ties That Bind": The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

It's a family reunion for Bonnie and her estranged mother on this week's The Vampire Diaries, but their meeting is less than magic (I'm sorry, I had to). They need her to open up one of Klaus's sealed coffins, but like most things on this show, they have to get through a bit of sticky business first. Meanwhile, Tyler recruits someone to help free him of his sire bond to Klaus so he can be with Caroline again, and Elena gets something off of her chest.

Even though there were no hot makeouts this week and not much major happened, it's still another entertaining episode with a lot going on. Ready to discuss? To get to the good, the bad, and the bloody, just keep reading.

The Good

  • I love any and all references to the Damon/Elena kiss, and Damon's blunt "We kissed. Now it's weird" killed me. The other awesome exchange comes when Bonnie wants to know if the kiss was good. When Elena says it doesn't matter, Bonnie nails it: "That means it was." Oh, and telling Stefan that she kissed Damon? Even better.
  • Bonnie finally tells Elena about the coffins, and says that she knows someone who can help her open it: her mother, Abby. She and Elena road trip to go find her, and once they're there, Bonnie's mom reveals that she left town to save Elena and her mom when Mikael was coming to town years earlier. She was the one who put a spell on him to trap him, but her magic was gone after that. Bonnie asks her mom why she left, and Abby confesses that she ran away from her identity of being a witch.
  • Klaus is chilling at the Salvatore Homestead, having a drink and listening to loud rock, as sullen vampires in that house are wont to do. Even Klaus is getting tired of "crazy Stefan" and he taunts him, asking him if he has any friends left. Klaus has his own hybrid buds, and he sends one of them to Abby's house ahead of the girls. We see the results of his work when Stefan shows up at Abby's and threatens Jamie, the son of Abby's mother's ex (and uh, one super hottie). A compelled Jamie shoots Stefan and ties up Elena, while Abby simultaneously uses a little bit of magic herbs to knock out Bonnie. The herbs "muted" Bonnie's magic, and Abby tells Bonnie she has to tell her where the coffins are, otherwise Klaus's hybrid will make Jamie kill himself. Smartie Elena gets out of her ropes and knocks Jamie out cold, then tries to help Stefan, though I don't know why. The guy's been such an epic jerk I think he deserves to feel some wooden buckshot all up in his heart for a bit.
  • Tyler apologizes to Caroline for biting her, and insists that he didn't have control over it. Tyler's not just hopelessly devoted to Klaus, he's also full of bad ideas: to prove that he didn't mean to bite her, he invites her creepy dad Bill back to Mystic Falls to break the sire bond. Bill's plan is to chain Tyler up and make him turn, convinced it will free him from Klaus. Like a true crazy, Bill threatens to kill him unless he turns. He does, then breaks free from the chains, attacking Bill, and I've never been so happy to see someone mauled. Bill insists that Tyler has to keep turning until he can do so without pain, and if he doesn't, he won't let Tyler anywhere near Caroline. That's fine with me, because I'd like to see what's up with Caroline and Klaus first.
  • Klaus visits the witch house, and has a chat with Damon while threatening the dead witches with his plan to kill all the Bennetts if he doesn't get his coffins. They do, but the fourth coffin is missing, but Damon has hidden it. I'm pretty curious about what's in there too — any guesses?

The Bad

  • I haven't changed my mind about Meredith Fell not being compelling, even though we learn more about her this week. Alaric is hanging out with his "sexy doctor ladyfriend" (thanks Damon), and Damon rightly tries to tell him she's probably psycho. When Damon heads to the hospital to talk to her, it culminates in Fell knocking Damon out to extract some of his blood. Later, when Caroline's injured dad rolls into the hospital, Alaric witnesses Dr. Fell injecting him with Damon's blood to save him. Is this her big secret? Big deal. And when she tries to take off his ring later? Red flag. Run, dude.
  • I don't care about Stefan's apology for kidnapping Elena on the bridge last week. Not only did he go too far to be forgiven, but he doesn't even sound sincere. Nor does he seem justified in punching Damon because he kissed Elena.

The Bloody

  • Welcome back, Elijah! I often lament the preferred killing method on this show — heart tearing out — but when good 'ol Elijah does it, I was so happy to see him that I almost didn't mind. Almost.

What did you think of this week? Were you interested in all the parental drama, or were you more excited about the other goings on? Weigh in below.

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