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The Vampire Diaries Recap "True Lies"

The Vampire Diaries "True Lies:" The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

It's the second week of The Vampire Diaries season five, and Stefan is still in that box and Elena and Damon are still together, but at least one of those things changes by the end of this episode. Caroline and Elena continue to explore college, except their wholesome activities like bonfires are interrupted by stuff like trying to solve their dead roommate's murder and discovering secret societies. When Matt and Jeremy kidnap Katherine to keep her from Silas, they have a showdown, and while we still don't get why he wants Katherine so bad, there's a new wrinkle added to his power trip.

This episode gives us a lot of setup for stuff that's going to happen, but that doesn't mean there's not plenty to talk about, especially if you, like me, are starting to be a fan of Damon's slick new haircut, and also Katherine. Let's get on to the good, the bad, and the bloody after the jump!

The Good

  • We have to talk about Katherine. She's pretty entertaining, right? Like Silas told her last week, human looks good on her. She still has the heart of a vain, selfish killer, but sometimes she has the mouth of a comedian. Her moonstone joke? Amazing. Lamenting mortal problems like a sinus infection? Killed me. She even appears to be turning over a new leaf when Jeremy scolds her for wanting to leave Matt behind, and it's her who saves both guys from Silas. She even has a great line about figuring out how to shoot a gun. Katherine, folks! She'll be here all week.
  • Yay, an Elena/Damon reunion! He has to make a visit when Silas stops by campus, pretending to be Stefan, but the only hot makeout we see is interrupted when Elena goes psycho on Damon and tries to kill him. It's only slightly worse than a regular couple fight. Luckily, it's just because Silas got into Elena's head, and by episode's end they're all schmoopy and vowing to save locked-up Stefan together.
  • Only it turns out that Stefan doesn't need to be saved. Liz shows Elena and Damon the box, but Stefan isn't inside, just some nasty, drained body that the water-logged, starving Stefan left there. So, Stefan's back, guys, and he is hungry for old men in cheap suits!
  • Season five hair check-in: Damon is looking great and cleaned up, but what's with Elena's little red streak? Wasn't that to signify bad-girl Elena? Don't try so hard in college, Elena!

The Bad

  • I was worried last week when Matt was mysteriously accosted by Nadia and her creepy gypsy friend, but now I'm annoyed by this Nadia person, who's a gypsy, or "traveler," apparently. Like Silas needs more weird friends to give him power.
  • Speaking of superfluous new characters, do I have to care about Dr. Maxfield? He's worse than Professor Shane, and I do not agree with Elena that he is hot. I care even less that he may belong to some secret society that Elena's dad was probably also in.
  • Can Bonnie not just die? Matt tries to convince her it's the right thing to do when he's on the other side too, but she's like, nah, I'll stick around and be useless.

The Bloody

  • There are a few gross moments this week, like Elena stabbing herself in the leg to prevent herself from harming Damon. Hopefully she put some hand sanitizer on that fire iron first.
  • Silas requesting a Big Gulp full of blood from a gas station worker is American Horror Story-level macabre. Shivers.

What did you think of this week's episode?

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