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The Vampire Diaries Recap of "Under Control"

The Vampire Diaries "Under Control": The Good, The Bad and The Bloody

Family ties play into this week's The Vampire Diaries, as guest star David Anders shows up to make waves in Mystic Falls.

Stefan is battling his newfound addiction to human blood, which sends him on a whirlwind of extreme behavior. I can't wait to discuss it, so to get to the good, the bad, and the bloody, just


    The Good

  • Elena and Jeremy's Uncle John make an unwelcome visit back to town. Jenna, who's not a fan (she has a sexual history with him, see), senses that he's there with an ulterior motive. She's right, but when he says it's because he doesn't want her to sell his brother's office, it's not exactly the whole truth. Among the town council, he strikes some fear into everyone when he reports on the alarming attacks on people and losses at local blood banks.
  • Stefan's taste of human blood has awakened a thirst for it, which Damon loves taunting him about. The need disturbs Stefan, and when things get steamy with Elena later, they also get dangerous. There is a fun side effect, however — Stefan takes up drinking, and at the Founders' Day kick-off party, he gets drunk and kind of hilarious. This Stefan is fun, not broody, and wants to dance! If loving drunk Stefan is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  • Uncle John turns out to be much more than just a jackass. When he pisses off Damon, he gets his neck snapped and is tossed off a balcony during the party. But before anyone can say "dead body," John is back at the party, alive and ready to boogie. Confronted by Alaric and Damon, he shows them his ring, exactly like the one that Alaric is wearing. Brace yourself: John knows Isobel, Damon, and Katherine; in fact, there's hardly anything he doesn't know. John mentions that he gave his original ring to Isobel, who later gave it to Alaric — and he's the one who sent Isobel to Damon when she wanted to be turned. My theory: If he was with Isobel before, he must be Elena's father! If so, she'd be a Gilbert after all.
  • Most hilarious part of the hour: Damon just rifling through Elena's underwear drawer and putting his hands on one of her bras. He's such a child (and I love it).
    The Bad

  • There are indeed a lot of questions about Vicki, still, and I'm as frustrated as Jeremy about it. He's right — why isn't everyone up in arms about her being buried in a shallow grave? And isn't she all vampirey-looking in her dead state? Finally, how could they fake an autopsy to look like she had overdosed?
  • Jeremy accepting that Elena is adopted is just a little too easy. He's grieving over Vicki in the same year he lost his parents; would he really be joking with her already that she's not a Gilbert?
  • I'm embracing Stefan as a blood-drinking bad boy, so I wish he could too. Instead, he's so conflicted every single time he has the chance to drink blood, but he doesn't even do anything that bad "under the influence." Just breaking that rude guy's hand rather than killing him and sucking him dry? So boring. Just because you're strengthened by blood doesn't mean you have to be sadistic (or does it?).
    The Bloody

  • Matt attacks Tyler when he sees him making out with his mom, Kelly (justified, if you ask me), but there seems to be a lot of blood when they're separated. I want to know what Alaric asks — what is going on with Tyler?
  • Injured in the Matt/Tyler cross-fire, Kelly has a huge gash on her forehead, which Stefan sniffs out immediately. Transfixed, he smears it on her head like a big weirdo until she asks what he's doing. Outside the party, it's so clear he's going to lick his fingers that I just wanted him to do it already. Finally, he does, slurping those digits like he just ate some barbecue ribs off them.

On the whole, I thought it was a fantastic episode. I could tell something was up with John Gilbert, but I didn't think he would be so mysterious — or so psychotic. Is he merely a human with a special ring, or is there something more to him? Tell me your thoughts below and you've got to join the Hooked on Vampire Diaries group in the Buzz Community if you just can't get enough!

Photos courtesy of The CW

fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 7 years
i'm intrigued by uncle john... and i def think there is something more to him. tyler is def moving in the direction of becoming a were (after all, every time we see him, he is way more aggressive than usual).
slikkback slikkback 7 years
amazing episode, this show is sooo addictive. The plot twists are intricate. Can't wait to get this show on dvd and have a marathon
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
Damon is definitely my favorite character and I agree that Ian Somerhalder does an amazing job! I already hate John Gilbert, but I can't wait to find out how he seems to know everything. And I also can't wait to see this Tyler werewolf thing transpire!
popculture-whore popculture-whore 7 years
ughhh i missed last night's episode bc of my stupid social life haha. it's sad... that i'd want to stay home to watch tvd. i'lll catch up today and then come back to comment... don't wanna read any spoilers.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 7 years
last night's epi was fantastic!! I loved watching Stefan, I hope he doens't stay this 'bad' but it is fun to watch. :) As for Tyler, definitely a werewolf.
Blix Blix 7 years
I can't believed i missed last nights episode!!
demarco11 demarco11 7 years
Of course John came back from the dead, you dont just kill David Anders (who will forever be Mr. Sark for me) off after 3/4 of en Ep! I'm thinking he's gonna be Elena's dad too. I'm curious as to how he knows what he knows! Something about the Gilbert family's long history? When Elena and Matt were dancing I thought he was gonna try to kiss her which would have made Stephan all possessive and angry/violent. But instead we get to see Tyler making out the mom. I kinda wish the Stephan blood thing was more like it is in the book, where it's an intimate thing for him and Elena and he doesnt feel guilty. But then there'd be no drama! and you always need drama... In other news: Jeremy is a great snooper and I hate the nickname "Ric" for Alaric. :)
SpunkRansomette SpunkRansomette 7 years
Well if they stay true to the book as far as the "things that go bump in the night aspect" then if you have read the books then you know what's up with Tyler. Things with him get a little "hairy" haha sorry couldn't resistthat one. I reallyhope they do stay true with the creatures because I would absolutly LOVE to see Shinichi and Misao translated onto tv. They would make for great tv because they are soooooooo devious. I really hope they decide to bring them on. But who knows they haven't stayed to the books thus far which is ok because they managed to make it a great show anyway and now they can still make them into movies.
Datura2112 Datura2112 7 years
Stefan is worth watching finally! Watching him struggle last night was fun made even better by Damon tempting him with the blood. Loved the scene with Damon breaking Uncle John's neck and throwing him off the balcony. He just has the best scenes with the best lines. Hard to pick just one out every episode. He certainly does deserve an Emmy for his portrayal of Damon. I too wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be Elena's Father. I cannot wait to see the next 3 episodes, with Stefan struggling, Tyler becoming a werewolf, Uncle John in the picture and Damon in the middle of all the chaos, it oughta be one helluva ride!
yadiet yadiet 7 years
Yeah I agree with Fleur,, Tyler seems to be a werewolf!! and he will make one sexy one too. Poor Matty, always gets the end of the stick with everything. And from the looks of the previews Caroline gets bit again but my Stephan..
yadiet yadiet 7 years
This show does get better and better. I absolutely love it!!!! I cannot believe I am going to say this. But they should of turn Vampire Diaries into a movie franchise then tv spot..
fleurfairy fleurfairy 7 years
I agree, Ian deserves an Emmy for his role. Unfortunately, he won't get one because the show is on the CW. So Tyler is a werewolf? I'd like to see where that's going. I know I might be in the minority, but I wouldn't mind seeing Elena get back together with Matt. They seem to have a strong connection. I think they should hold off on doing Elena + Damon for awhile.
khameel khameel 7 years
I know I say this every week, but this show really does get better and better! And now with Uncle John in the picture, are you kidding??? How/why does he know all these secrets? What's his deal? Is he Elena's father? So many questions! This may be far fetched, but Ian Somerhalder really needs some award recognition for playing Damon so well! All the layers he gives to the character, even when he's being a jerk, are excellent. Once again: Best. Show. EVER!
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