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The Vampire Diaries Season Finale "The Departed": The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

Season three of The Vampire Diaries has come to an end, folks, and forgive me if I am still sitting here with my jaw wide open. The finale is eventful, to say the least, and like seasons past, we saw the deaths of a couple of characters — along with the red herring deaths of a couple of characters. Oh, and by that I mean that something super crazy happens in the final moments of the episode that we'll be talking about all Summer.

I can't really talk about too much before the break without spoiling everything, so let's get to it. Dry your tears over that fact that there won't be any new episodes of The Vampire Diaries for a few months, and let's get to the final good, bad, and bloody of season three after the jump.

The Good

  • ELENA IS A VAMPIRE. Sorry, I couldn't wait until the end of the recap to write it out! I'm still in shock.
  • But here's how we get there: We pick up in the hospital after Elena's fainting spell last week, and she's under the care of Dr. Meredith Fell, who uses vampire blood to cure her patients, as Alaric conveniently reminds us as he goes to tell Dr. Fell that she's being suspended from her job, as are Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood. Alaric's next move is to find Klaus's body and kill him with the white oak tree stake, thus killing all the vampires in his bloodline, including Damon, Stefan, Caroline, and Tyler.
  • Klaus's body is what everyone wants this week (I'm resisting the urge to make a dirty joke here), and Elijah comes back to town to bargain with the gang. If he, Rebekah, and Kol can have Klaus's body, he'll help them take down Alaric. Alaric is trying to beat them to it, and Jeremy sends him on a wild goose chase through the woods. Klaus's body is really in a storage unit, and when Damon takes Bonnie to see the body, she requests a moment alone to confront Klaus's lifeless body about the destruction he's caused to her loved ones (from the realm of the unnecessary: his eyes pop open and he's covered in worms). More on that little "moment" later.
  • Alaric finds the unit and knocks out Damon, but when he finally figures out which storage locker has Klaus's body, it's empty. He discovers Damon and Rebekah with the coffin, pulls it open, and dramatically stakes Klaus's desiccated body. As he goes up in flames, Rebekah screams and Damon braces himself for imminent death. And I maybe felt my eyes well up a little bit for the loss of Klaus.
  • But what's this? I started to get suspicious when Damon, Stefan, and Caroline don't immediately die. They just think it's just taking a little while, and during that wait time, Elena starts to say her goodbyes. Matt is her life coach this week, first talking her through her choice between Stefan and Damon, then kidnapping her to safety during the Battle of Klaus's Body. But when they're driving off, they find out the news about Klaus, and she has to make a decision about who she wants to say goodbye to — Damon or the whole group of Stefan, Tyler, and Caroline. She picks the group, but Damon asks her to say who she would have picked if it had been between the two of them, and she admits that it would have been Stefan.
  • Caroline and Tyler also wonder why they're OK, but when Tyler starts to turn into a werewolf, he tells Caroline to run, and we assume that he's dead. You know who's not dead? Klaus. Bonnie comes to find him . . . in Tyler's body. She had cast a spell on him to have him inhabit Tyler's body to save her friends and mother. Interesting turn of events! So, Klaus isn't dead, but it seems that Tyler is, unless he's just a werewolf roaming the woods.
  • And finally, Rebekah and Elijah want to kill Alaric, and know they can kill Elena to do so. Rebekah stands in the road, and Matt and Elena veer off the Wickery Bridge — a sad echo of Elena's parents' death, which she flashes back to. When Stefan, again, comes down to save her, she motions for him to take Matt and he does, leaving her there this time. As Damon watches Alaric die at the storage unit, he realizes Elena must be dead too. She's drowned, but when Damon gets to the hospital, Meredith tells Damon she gave Elena vampire blood because she'd had a cerebral hemorrhage earlier. And then Elena's eyes pop open in a very Breaking Dawn Part 1 fashion.

The Bad

  • It's Elena's turn for a flashback, but we don't get to know her parents that much. She remembers a simpler time when she was a cheerleader, dating Matt, and her biggest problems were whether flare jeans were in style.
  • Elena never gets to make her choice! She gets a hot kiss from Stefan, and in a flashback, we see when Elena meets Damon, who compels her into forgetting they met, and then she gets into her parents' car, before they crash. It gives a special poignancy to the fact that she says maybe things would have been different if she'd met him first, right? Also, since we saw the scene in Elena's flashback, could there be some way that she actually got that memory back?

The Bloody

  • There's not so much gross blood in the finale — just death all around. Oh, and since I haven't said it yet: Alaric is finally dead . . . yay. And lest you think I'm mean, I say: It was just his time. It was just his time.

So again, wow. The season finale definitely doesn't disappoint, and I'm dying to know what you all thought. Other things I'm dying to know: Will we see both Michael Trevino and Joseph Morgan again? And is Elena really a vampire? Is Tyler really dead? Let's chat about it now!

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Join The Conversation
Jenay2682446 Jenay2682446 4 years
 @Katie3088705 Vampires cant procreate and they cant do spells.
Katie3088705 Katie3088705 4 years
ok so heres what i think i think elena and stefan will be together did u no elena gets pregnant clous put a spell on her and now shes having stefans baby damon will be the uncle and thats it dont beleave me look it up thats what happens
cheechee524 cheechee524 5 years
 @nixyp huh? which book is that?? the one most recently released by L.J. smith had bonnie dating a werewolf/ shapeshifter or something.  You know, the new hunters trilogy.  But Damon does develop a soft spot for bonnie in the books.  I don't know if I'm up to date on the spin off books by a ghostwriter, but I thought I had read them
nixyp nixyp 5 years
 @cheechee524  I agree, I wish Bonnie would have been the one to die. She annoys me too. However, she is convienent when they need a spell and, atleast in the books, Bonnie and Damon end up together.  I am so hoping that doesn't happen on the show...
citygrl12 citygrl12 5 years
 @knine94 you and me are on the exact same page..I mean,Elena uses people, without even realizing it and ends up hurting people, in one way or another..And I also hope that Klaus is not really dead cos he is my favorite character one that show...I would miss Joseph Morgan way too much to watch TVD if he's really gone..   I have always been, and will always be Klaroline supporter, even if it never happens cos she brings out a side of him no one else seems to ever have to, and she doesn't realise that if she gives him a chance, he wouldn't be doing half of the evil things that he usually does. All of this, can only happen though, if he can be brought back,and I really really hope it is possible.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 5 years
Loved the finale.  I was choked up a few times and my jaw was definitely dropped for the whole last 10 minutes.  The final moment, however, was way too Breaking Dawn Part 1 for me.  I get that they want the cliff hanger of her being a vampire, but having her eyes pop open just like Bella's was a little too copy and paste.  Like others have said, I'm also not too thrilled with Elena being a vampire now since that will change the dynamic of the show, but on the other hand I do have a lot of faith in the writers of this show to make this twist into something great.  I'm more annoyed about the burning of Joseph Morgan's beautiful body and about the fact that Rebbekah survived.  I can't stand that character.
nixyp nixyp 5 years
First, Tyler is not dead as we have already seen that Klaus can inhabit bodies. Second, now that Elena is a vampire she will not only have the memory of meeting Damon first but all the other memories of Damon telling her things and then compelling her to forget. I wasn't all that surprised to see Elena made into a vampire as it was in the books and it seemed like the right time to bring that twist in. I really enjoyed the finale although it did feel a bit contrived the way Elena had to pick which brother she would go to when they were dying. Other then that, it was fantastic. I would love to see more Damon and Elena moments because I feel they have amazing chemistry but I don't hate the idea of Stefan and Elena either. Luckily, I am on the fence and fine with it going either way. I am intrigued to see what becomes of Caroline/Tyler/Klaus next season....that will be interesting. I am also interested to see if Alaric will be hanging around as a ghost...I really hope they don't do that but I have a sneaky suspicion....  
knine94 knine94 5 years
Here's my two cents:  I'm not sure which brother Elena is good for.  She is not good enough for either really.  She has a bad habit of stringing people along and honestly, neither Stefan or Damon deserve that.  Either way, she'll be a vampire and struggle with her morality until season four closes - still not making a choice.  I like Stefan because he always does the right thing.  I like Damon because he is determined and his character has the best lines.      On another note, I would love for  Joseph Morgan to play a "kinder Klaus" again next season.  The reason being, Joseph Morgan can sell Klaus much better than Michael Trevino.  Klaus's character needs a little more depth and kindness!  I may be the only one to think this, but he could bring Caroline around.  Heck, he had ME at "Hello Lovies".  Plus he seems to have been more romantic as a human than a vampire.  His daddy issues sort of squelched the life out of him.  I think if he found happiness he would be a better vampire and ally.   I think the writers are smart and won't drag out the closure too much in season 4.  I also think Elena might be better off if she just ran away with Katherine!  Poor Stefan and Damon - THEY deserve better!!!!
Tiffany2693203 Tiffany2693203 5 years
I Really liked this episode, as it brings more aspects to light from in the actual book, for instance i'm just going on a hunch here but in the book yes Elena becomes a vampire. But for the first bit of her life she doesn't recognise nor want Stefan, she actually chooses Damon for a while so i'm hoping to give it a little more of a twist that she'll pick Damon, but only for a while. :D 
lKatrinTulev lKatrinTulev 5 years
I don't think Tyler is dead. Remember the scene right before Bonnie caste her spell on Klaus, Caroline talked about calling Bonnie to say goodbye, and Tyler said, "I'll call Bonnie! You go." I think Bonnie and Tyler made some sort of deal during that call, and that Tyler is not dead. I thought this was a really good show. And it was funny during the show, I started thinking about how annoying it was that everyone constantly has to save Elena! But, now she is finally invincible, it will be a nice switch to no longer have her as the damsel in distress. I was bummed with her not picking Damon. She really doesn't know how to choose what SHE wants. Stefan is more of a puppy dog as opposed to a real candidate with their own thoughts and feelings. How can you really grow in a relationship like that? Although, I'm also not one for fixing the bad guy, because why date someone when all you want to do is fix them. I still prefer Damon.
stefaspen stefaspen 5 years
GREAT finale, full of twists and turns. I'm not sure I'm ready for Elena to be a vampire either, as someone below stated. It really does change the dynamic of the show - she's no longer 'in danger' and in need of protection from the Brothers Salvatore. That being said, I think she'll eventually choose Damon, as her logic behind choosing Stephan was that he saved her. If she does remember the things Damon said to her when she was compelled, I think it'll sway her decision. Did Klaus' body burn completely? You'd think it would repair itself if his 'spirit' gets back in there... maybe Tyler is stuck in his own body somewhere and can force Klaus out. I really don't think Bonnie would kill him.
Rhonda2692492 Rhonda2692492 5 years
I absolutely LOVE this show and love reading all the comments.  I am currently re-watching the finale, trying to understand how all of this happened if Elena is in the hospital becoming a vampire.  Was she really in the truck with Matt and if so, then wasnt she a vampire at that point and could have saved them both?  Help me please....
Amanda2692376 Amanda2692376 5 years
I think they should bring Joseph Morgan back as Klaus he's great. Theres not enough things with him in them. Great Actor and theres not many young ones about .
xlightningboltx xlightningboltx 5 years
OH MY GOD. What an episode! I think it's safe to say Bonnie has gone down the evil route now, but did she really kill Tyler? What if Caroline finds that out? Elena is a vampire. Elena. Is a vampire. Oh my gosh.
barrons barrons 5 years
I sort of feel cheated with Elena "choosing" Stephan. The writers strung us along the whole season only to end up right back to square one. If Elena doesn't want Damon now, I don't think she ever will. I wouldn't mind so much if he was given another love interest, but because of the love triangle, I highly doubt that's going to happen. I was disappointed with the season finale, maybe because I read the books where she did become a vampire. Somewhere in the season, this show lost it's edge...I hope it finds it's way back. 
cheechee524 cheechee524 5 years
I'm glad Elena is now going to be a vampire because maybe she will stop being so serious and irritating all the time.  Her character needs to be spiced up, seriously. I have to also admit there was a tiny part of me that hoped Bonnie would be the one to die, since we knew someone was going to.  Her character is far more irritating than Elena. Anyways, I don't think it will happen this way but in the book when Elena wakes up as a vampire she immediately forgets Stefan and is obsessed with Damon. (Temporarily in the book, anyways.) Hopefully if they put off Elena and Damon getting together that will mean that when they do it will be kinda permanent rather than with Stefan still in the mix. BTW, I wish Klaus had his body because Joseph Morgan is great as Klaus.
desismith desismith 5 years
I love spoilers. I haven't seen the finale yet, but I cannot wait! Since I haven't seen the finale I will give my opinion from that perspective. Although I think Damon is super hot, I like Elana with Stefan much better. I hope that the barriers they face as she was human will dissolve now that they are both vampires. I liked Alarics character allot but man was he scary as a vampire. No bueno! As far as Caroline and Klaus, that could really complicate her relationship with Elena except that Klaus can no longer use Elena to make his hybrid family. Maybe everyone will live happily ever after. Wouldn't it be funny if Elena's brother now becomes the new Alaric and starts to lead the hunt against all vampires and he turns against his sister? He's supposed to be the man of the house now. Does anyone know what happened to Michael and Katherine? I don't remember a concrete killing of those two. Last thing I remember is that Michael may have eaten Katherine.  
mannylove mannylove 5 years
I personally am not quite ready for Elena to be a vampire quite yet.  It seems she really is though.  Couldn't Stefan have saved both Matt & Elena at the same time from the car in the water?  He is a vamp after all, doesn't he have super strength?
kate-noelle kate-noelle 5 years
The scene where she met Damon first was his flashback not Elena's he thought of it while Alaric was beating the crap out of him. Now that she's a vamp she'll remember the times that she was compelled, since she wore vervaine for so long there will be few of them, but they will include Damon telling her he loved her in Season 2 and so on. I wouldn't be surprised if Vampire Elena chooses Damon in the end....she did technically meet him first. 
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
soo very BD1 - when her eyes flew open, I let out a tiny little "oh shyt" gasp...loooove this show
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 5 years
I'm kind of hoping she isn't a vampire — there could always be some kind of twist or complication with her being a doppleganger. I also think that since she had such a serious head trauma, she might not remember ANYTHING, which could leave the door wide open for her to start new relationships with both brothers, and fall for Damon first!
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 5 years
I'm kind of hoping she isn't a vampire — there could always be some kind of twist or complication with her being a doppleganger. I also think that since she had such a serious head trauma, she might remember ANYTHING, which could leave the door wide open for her to start new relationships with both brothers, and fall for Damon first!
Jenay2682446 Jenay2682446 5 years
According to Julie Plec she stays with Stefan for awhile in season 4.Then maybe she will start to gravitate to Damon.I really wish they would just get on with it instead of just leading us on.
Asturias26 Asturias26 5 years
I do think she will remember that she meet Damon first and hope she stays with him.  I really liked Carol with Klaus too......
Yashica2682281 Yashica2682281 5 years
The choice she made isn't going to be as simple as that. Now that she's in transition all the compulsion is going to wear off and she's going to remember that she met Damon first. I have a feeling that Damon was right when he said that Elena wants love that consumes her, dangerous in a way, love that Damon alone can give her. So yeah, I strongly feel that her 'choice' isn't going to be all too firm after she finds her little encounter with the God-of-Hotness brother before she met Stefan.  And as for Tyler, I think he's dead. Esther did a similar kind of trickery with Rebecca sometime ago and Rebecca's alive. But then Esther's body was not in flames, Klaus's was. At any rate, it's a win-win situation for Caroline. She get's her boyfriend back with Klaus in it. She couldn't want more :P
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