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Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Fan Reaction

Buzz Blabber: You're Happy to See Caroline and Tyler Together

There's no doubt vampires are popular in entertainment, and judging from this week's reader comments there's a reason. This week, you guys were buzzing about anything and everything vampire-related, including a vampire and werewolf getting it on in the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, possible ways the Breaking Dawn film might play out based on the trailer, and the season finale shockers on True Blood. Check out what readers had to say.

Vampire Diaries fans love that Tyler and Caroline are hooking up

  • "I loved this episode! It was so much better than season two's The Return. The writers gave themselves a lot of new material to work with, so I can't wait to see what happens. I'm loving Tyler and Caroline and the ghosts storyline. I am really hoping maybe the writers will give in and give us a ghost Jenna, because I miss her. " — jmarksgirl
  • "Evil Stefan is a lot of fun to watch even if the dart scene in the bar made me cringe. Caroline and Tyler are so hot together! I am kind of disappointed in the Alaric storyline. I like him as the pseudo-father figure, and I don't know what the writers are going to do with his character now. He won't survive for long if his only storyline is being Damon's sidekick." — kimmieb124
  • "I'm so glad this show is back! I thought it was a great episode. I am in the minority though — I love Elena and Stefan together. I loved that he called her at the end. I'm loving Tyler and Caroline. Then there is Alaric. Poor Alaric. I hope they do something good with him because I've always liked that character." — ktc71

Find out what else got you talking when you read more.

The Breaking Dawn trailer sparked speculation

  • "I love the new trailer and I am so anxious to see the movie. Too bad it's Part I. I bet they will end it with Bella opening her eyes as a newborn vampire." — emiad
  • "Agree about the ending with Bella being a newborn vampire. That would be fab and also they could do an end like from Twilight when you see Victoria, except this time it's the bitter Irina scanning Bella. The idea seems a long shot though because of the similarities." — ojoba
  • "Cool trailer, but seriously what's with the hair? Why can't they ever seem to get that right? Carlisle's is the worst, Alice's is pretty bad, Edward's is too short and too brown. C'mon, peeps, have any of you movie-makers read the books?" — geekgirlwriter

True Blood fans lament season finale deaths

  • "Jesus dying was quite a blow. I grew to like him a lot this season, and especially in the episode from last week where he pretty much saved the day. I guess we're just left with the comfort of knowing Lafayette can use his ability to call upon him from time to time. Last but not least, Tara finally dies. I have been waiting for this since season one. I am thankful they had the sense to finally kill off her character instead inflicting another season of annoyance by keeping her around." — meowalycat
  • "I will miss Jesus, too! I'm not so sure that Tara is definitely dead, though. It seemed like the bullet grazed her head, which might mean that she could be saved by some vamp blood — probably Bill or Eric's since they will feel Sookie's fear and pain. If she is saved, it could lead to some interesting dreams about the vamp whose blood she drinks . . . " — Yessenia
  • "Tara was definitely shot, not grazed (being grazed doesn't cause that much blood to flow). As for Jesus, I was kind of getting used to him, but oh well . . ." — HoneyBrown1976

Photo courtesy of The CW

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