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The Vampire Diaries Sexiest Vampires

Who's the Hottest Vampire on The Vampire Diaries?

If you're a fan of The Vampire Diaries, then chances are good that you've got a little crush on at least one of the show's resident bad boys. It used to be a Team Stefan or Team Damon world, but season three has been even hotter with the introduction of new villain Klaus. Whether you dig Stefan's sweet-at-heart personality, Damon's smolders, or Klaus's dry wit, we want to know — who's the hottest vampire of them all?

Photos courtesy of The CW

Join The Conversation
Dumitrache2424022 Dumitrache2424022 5 years
Elijah,but without him ofc will be Klaus..
Sudharshana2423980 Sudharshana2423980 5 years
Niklaus,ofcourse...the hottest and undoubtedly the  strongest character...!!
Cettina2408451 Cettina2408451 5 years
yeahhhh Damon rules!!!! <3  
Nérgiz2408148 Nérgiz2408148 5 years
Damon <3
Małgorzata2358747 Małgorzata2358747 5 years
team Klaus
klarolinelove klarolinelove 5 years
KLAUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nastyona777 nastyona777 5 years
only DAMON!! =)
lillac lillac 5 years
klaus <3
Patrícia2403343 Patrícia2403343 5 years
Of course is Klaus! He's the best! ♥
ewcia1311 ewcia1311 5 years
Damon is very hott and sexy !  
1590396 1590396 5 years
Stefan — Sensitive is sexy.
Saskia24 Saskia24 5 years
Laura2399746 Laura2399746 5 years
Kol. Or Elijah. But I think Kol. End of story.
Shannon2399643 Shannon2399643 5 years
obviously, HAS to be Damon ;) yumm xo
Harmonia Harmonia 5 years
Caroline4bes Caroline4bes 5 years
Klaus definitely  
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