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The Vampire Diaries "A View to a Kill" Recap

The Vampire Diaries "A View to a Kill": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

After a couple rather slow-moving episodes of The Vampire Diaries, this week feels like we're finally getting somewhere with the cure. The action mainly stems from a showdown with one of the current villains — who winds up on the wrong side of a stake and bites the dust once and for all. This week also marks an impressive display of power from a newly badass Bonnie, who can't be held down by original vampires or parents.

Aside from the actual plot moving forward, we get to see what happens the morning after Stefan and Rebekah's hot hookup. I'm ready to talk about that, all the great '80s references, and the rest of the good, the bad, and the bloody after the jump.

The Good

  • Stefan wakes up in Rebekah's bed amid some classic friends-with-benefits blunders (First rule: no sleepovers! Second rule: no cuddling! Didn't you guys see No Strings Attached?). Still, I know they're saying this situation is feelings-free and all, but Stefan certainly acts like he cares when he squires Rebekah to the Decades Dance because he knows how much it means to her. Even though he's just lured Rebekah there to get her dagger and use it against her, the whole thing is really sweet.
  • Klaus is ready to put his brother Kol out of commission, and he easily recruits Stefan to help kill Kol, but the alliance goes two ways, and Klaus has to take a babysitting shift for Damon. What's awesome is how gossipy Klaus is, spilling the beans about Stefan and Rebekah to Damon. Klaus gets even more into some girl talk when he asks how Damon has such a way with Elena, and Damon knows it's totally about his crush on Caroline. The best is when they fight about how bad the other one is when Damon brings up the fact that Klaus killed Tyler's mother. "You've done worse." Klaus whimpers. "Debatable," Damon replies.
  • Where Klaus wants to gently dagger his brother into a nice little nap, Elena wants to kill Kol altogether. He walks right into a trap when he finagles his way into the Gilbert house (Kol fun fact of the week: he loves music!). He and Elena have a somewhat friendly little visit while Kol plays video games and drinks the house booze. Kol shares his Silas fear: he doesn't want the world to end! Sadly, the world ends for Kol right in that house, fighting both Gilberts. Before Kol can hack off Jeremy's arm (ew), Elena overpowers him, and Jeremy sinks a white oak stake in Kol, killing him for good. A victory dance is prevented by Klaus's dad-is-angry look as he stands just outside, seeing what's happened to his brother.
  • Who's bad? Bonnie. Not only does she easily wreck Kol at the school, but she also defies her parents with her magic. First Bonnie's vampire mother shows up (I nearly forgot about her! Welcome back, Bonnie's mom), and Bonnie stamps her feet and tries to get her parents to listen to her. She just wants to do expression! Gosh! When they try to keep her down, Bonnie is too strong, and she walks out of there, straight to Elena's, to save them from Klaus. During Klaus's temper tantrum, Bonnie summons her dark magic to trap him in the living room, where he's stuck for a few days at least. Better work fast, guys!
  • Stefan and Rebekah are having a great time at the empty dance (canceled by Bonnie's overzealous dad), with Stefan making a joke about The Cure and revealing his love of '80s movies. Turns out he loved the '80s because it was the high point of his friendship with Lexi. It's only fitting that he tricks her by getting her to do the Breakfast Club slide. Surprisingly, she just hands over the dagger, tearfully telling Stefan how much she cares about all the human things. She says she'll help put Kol down so she can get the cure and be human. It's a tender scene that rivals their later conversation where Stefan comforts her about Kol being dead, saying he'll work on getting the cure for her too.
  • Damon gets out of the cellar, and with Kol dead, he no longer feels a desire to kill Jeremy. Stefan comes in to tell everyone that Rebekah's on their side now, and when Elena asks why Stefan would trust Rebekah, Damon giddily blurts the hookup news. There's a brief, angry brother scuffle, and one punch gets thrown before Jeremy distracts them all with his amazing chest growing hunter's mark. Am I the only one who likes to think the "oh my god" was Nina Dobrev's natural reaction to seeing Steven R. McQueen with his shirt off?

The Bad

  • While I enjoyed Bonnie taking control and becoming a bad witch, I'm already tired of her parents' meddling. I was kind of rooting for Jeremy to kill her mom. Is that rude?
  • I don't know why, but I'm sad Kol died. We were just getting to know him! He loved technology and partying! RIP Kol.

The Bloody

  • Not only does Elena pulling a banister-stake out of her midsection look disgusting, but the sound effects are even worse. Who's hungry?

What did you think of this week's episode?

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