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The Vampire Diaries "The Walking Dead": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

This is the last episode of The Vampire Diaries before next week's season finale, and we finally have normal Elena back. Well, she's mostly back to normal, except for the bloodthirsty rage she feels toward Katherine. But the main event is when Bonnie finally "drops the veil" so she can deal with Silas and make good on her deal with Katherine. This means we get to see some old friends (Alaric!) and enemies (Kol) as they briefly visit Mystic Falls. And though the focus is on those who have died previously, someone from the main group joins their ranks.

I'm excited to see what happens in next week's finale, but this week is so huge too. I'm ready to break down the good, the bad, and the bloody after the jump!

The Good

  • Elena may have her humanity back, but she keeps a little bit of her evil side. Not only does she want to murder Katherine, but she's also rude, telling Rebekah they were never friends and coldly denying Caroline an apology, even when Caroline recites Elena's cruel insults to her face. You know what? I don't hate it. The old Elena was too nice.
  • While Elena is hunting for Katherine, we see where she is: with Bonnie, waiting for her to drop the veil so she can negotiate with Qetsiyah. And they're trying to evade Silas while Bonnie does it, and it all happens beneath the school. Yeah, I agree with Caroline's mom on the veil-dropping matter: "I have no idea what that means."
  • Alaric!!! Yes, his return gets three exclamation points because I've missed him, and he's the one person I really hoped to see. And Damon, too, obviously. When Bonnie successfully drops the veil, he's the first person to appear, and it's a full-on bro-out. They hug and Alaric comments on Damon's love life, calling him his "his idiot best friend." Love it!
  • Once Elena finds Katherine, Stefan won't let her kill her because she and Bonnie are linked, and killing Katherine means killing Bonnie. He rightly points out that killing her won't end Elena's grief over Jeremy, but Elena gets the last word when she cold-clocks Stefan in the face. To be fair, you deserve it when you prevent Katherine from dying.
  • How amazing is Caroline's delivery of "Bitch!" to Rebekah? She exclaims it when Rebekah has to slap her out of Silas's hypnosis. Everyone's getting hit this week!
  • It's nice that Elena gets to say goodbye to Jeremy while the veil is lifted; it's obviously the key to her recovery. Anyway, dead Jeremy shows up to save Elena from dead Kol, and then Stefan kills dead Kol. I don't know how that works. I'm just the messenger.
  • Matt is smarter than he gets credit for. He refuses to take Rebekah's blood when he's injured, wisely noting that "people have a bad habit of turning into vampires" there. He's right; it's practically a Mystic Falls rite of passage. However, his saying that makes me think it's foreshadowing for either his death or his transformation into a vampire.
  • Aw, I love that Stefan whines to Caroline about not getting to see Lexie, and then she shows up. Question: where do dead people get superlong extensions? Just wondering. Lexie is awesome as usual, because she accurately calls a Stefan/Caroline thing. Hey, if your dead best friend points it, you may have to admit that something's there.
  • Bonnie's dead touchstone shows up too, and Grams gives her the tip that she can do anything. With this knowledge, she turns Silas to stone, but then thinks the whole "I can do anything" thing means she can bring Jeremy back for good. You know what she can't do? Stay alive. And with that, friends, Bonnie is dead. Guess it's good Elena apologized.
  • Two big uh-ohs that will obviously mean a lot for next week: "ghostapalooza" appears to be on, since the vampire hunters are back, and Damon now has the cure. If Alaric's instruction to go "get the girl," is any indication, then he'll be giving it to Elena. Hmm.

The Bad

  • Rude! The last time we had Alaric, he was an evil serial killer, and some of his precious screen time this week is as Silas? What a cruel world, Vampire Diaries.
  • Reality check: Can Elena just take a shot in the middle of a bar? She just slams one in the middle of the Mystic Grill. Are there no laws in this town?!
  • Another Elena blunder: her reasoning for why Damon would want to kill Katherine. How is being strung along for hundreds of years a legit reason to kill someone? Maybe cite her more abhorrent actions, Elena.
  • So is Silas going to bother us anymore or what? His being stone doesn't answer that question. Also, if he had the cure, then why didn't he take it?

The Bloody

  • The grossest part of this week is Caroline's compulsion to cut her wrists, or as she puts it, her "need to bleed."

What did you think of this week's episode? What do you think will happen in the finale?

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