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Vampire Diaries "You're Undead to Me" Episode Recap and Review

The Vampire Diaries "You're Undead to Me": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

We're on the brink of big stuff on The Vampire Diaries, and it's definitely become a reason to stay home on Thursdays nights. Everything just got real — from Damon's nature to the Big Secret. I love dissecting the show almost as much as I love seeing a strapping young vampire in a black v-neck shirt, so let's talk about this week's good, bad, and bloody!

To see them (warning — spoilers ahead!) and chat, just


    The Good:

  • I'm really starting to care for people outside the threesome, particularly Bonnie. Her Carrie-like setting the car on fire is chilling (seriously, no one but Stefan saw that?) and her seeking out her grandma to find out what's going on with her has me really interested. Even if the casting of 47-year-old Jasmine Guy (Whitley from A Different World) is sort of unbelievable.
  • I'm also intrigued by this ragtag antivampire squad, which includes Caroline's mother, Tyler's mother, and Logan. Last week, they seemed to know exactly what's been haunting Mystic Falls, and I got the ominous feeling that these "regular" townsfolk may not be what they seem. I also want to know more about why they're assembling certain objects, like the necklace and pocket watch (Horcruxes?!)
    The Bad:

  • The newsreel, you guys. The newsreel is so silly — while I balked at that footage being so easy to find and so clear, it's worse that the newsman exclaims "Is that the nephew?!" and have the camera swing to Stefan in the shadows.
  • My other big problem with this week's episode is the Uncle Zach situation. I can't remember them explaining if Uncle Zach was a vampire, but he really seems to be dead. I assumed he was also a vampire until this week, when he tells Damon that he could have had a real family. So what was he? Human? Vampire? And was the crow Zach's familiar, or a crow that Damon found and killed for sustenance? There are larger implications for the unanswered questions, so I hope they're tied up next week.
  • Can we also know exactly what the deal is with vervain? K thanks.
    The Bloody:

  • I wasn't expecting Uncle Zach to meet his end so quickly, even if the show had made him pretty inconsequential.
  • Poor Vickie became another victim of Damon's — she can't have any blood left, right?
  • We also saw what happens when vampires go out in the sun without their protective jewelry on. Scab city!

It seems like we've reached a pretty big climax in the show: Damon has just asserted himself as a pretty evil villain, while Elena had that oh-so-important realization of every young vampire's love interest: The Epiphany. That scene is not too terribly dissimilar from Bella's (here's a reminder!) and Elena wants answers next week. Also next week? The Civil War-era flashback! I can't wait. What did you think of this week's Vampire Diaries?

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