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Variety's Women's Impact Report: Katherine Fugate

Variety's Women's Impact Report: Katherine Fugate

Variety has issued its annual Women's Impact Report, highlighting women who have made an impression at all levels of entertainment. Just like last year, the list includes executive powerhouses, household-name performers, and lesser-known talents. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be spotlighting some of the women whom I find particularly noteworthy. Today's pick: creator of the TV series Army Wives, Katherine Fugate.

It's hard enough to draw audiences to the theater for movies having to do with the Iraq War; attempting to bring these stories into living rooms week after week is a huge undertaking. But by focusing the stories more on the universal topics of friendship, family ties and community, Army Wives creator Katherine Fugate has successfully found an audience for a show about American military families.

One of the things that I think resonates most with viewers is the show's emphasis on community, for which Fugate recognizes a deep-seated desire in our society. She told Variety, "The one thing that moved me during my research among real-life Army wives was the camaraderie between the women. They will bake a cake for someone they barely know, and that was so moving for me. We ache for community." For more about Fugate — including how the birth of her daughter is all wrapped up with the show's beginnings, and how she sneaked a movie script into Shirley MacLaine's hands — click here.

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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i love the list of people that they choose to focus on. it's people that you woudln't really think about except if you were paying attention to wha they do for a profession and the real impact that they have. army wives has given us a different view on the war and how it affects families and how they deal with it. it's a wonderful show for lifetime and i think that it's a great additive to the TV programming that's out there.
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