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Divergent Fans: Veronica Roth Answers Burning Questions!

Feb 14 2014 - 4:54pm

Attention Divergent [1] fans: author Veronica Roth is answering your burning questions. The writer for the young adult series set in the dystopian future has answered a series of Divergent-related questions in this series of videos, which is exclusively ours. See what advice Roth has for fans going through something like Tris's predicament, who in her life is "divergent," and more! And if you're still wondering, what exactly Divergent is [2], we have that answer too.

Veronica Roth on what she loves about Divergent fans

Veronica Roth on who is Divergent to her

Veronica Roth on her first conscious choice

Veronica Roth's advice for fans

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