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Video of Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene

OMG! First Video Peek at Breaking Dawn Wedding!

It's official: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner will be at the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday to debut the trailer for Breaking Dawn! MTV just released this amazing sneak peek at the footage they will be presenting, which gives us a peek at Edward and Bella's wedding. Bella the bride has her hair pinned back, and we even get a glimpse at her very handsome groom, Edward Cullen, standing at the end of the aisle. Also recently announced about Sunday's big event: Robert's Water for Elephants costar Reese Witherspoon will be honored with the MTV Generation Award. We'll be live streaming the MTV Movie Awards red carpet and updating from the show, so don't miss it!

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meowalycat meowalycat 6 years
Looking good.
Nancepantsbotwin Nancepantsbotwin 6 years
Ashamed to admit i'm looking forward to this. I liked the first 3 books, but didn't really dig Breaking Dawn. Hoping for a surprise.
oni2 oni2 6 years
MTV just announced another big event on there web site at Jackson Rathbone and Elizabeth R just made a video and they gave clues......It has something to do with butterflies and lavendar......In the last Eclipse Movie, bella and edward were sitting in a field with butterflies and lavendar...... I personally think its that Rob & Kristen will walk the red carpet together announcing that they are a couple, not with words but with actions.......thats my opinion....they said its something twihards have been waiting years for....what else could it be,,,,,,not more clips from the movie wer already know they are go over to the site and watch the video, draw your own conclusions
chile68 chile68 6 years
very excited!!! :)
oni2 oni2 6 years
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
I agree with #8 looks super cheesy lol!
emiad emiad 6 years
Such a long long time to wait :-(
kate4g kate4g 6 years
Omg I can't wait!!!!!!!!
1326863 1326863 6 years
so excited......
tarshier tarshier 6 years
will you please give me 1000 mgs valium? if not CPR will do! i almost collapsed seeing this teaser! this Breaking Dawn wedding scene will create worldwide pandemonium! i was not this excited with William and Kate's wedding, but this one.... OMG!!!
Allison-McNamara Allison-McNamara 6 years
ahh i cannot wait!
alexsa21 alexsa21 6 years
sungemini sungemini 6 years
OMFG... I so cant wait any more...
JuLi85 JuLi85 6 years
OMG!!! :faint:
Lujan Lujan 6 years
saturn4715 saturn4715 6 years
and im dead from all the excitment! omg i cant wait for this!!!!
Molly-Goodson Molly-Goodson 6 years
Yeah I pretty much had a heart attack the moment this arrived in my inbox. It was a PopSugar panic :)
BFFAsh BFFAsh 6 years
I'm excited to see the trailer :-)
1344997 1344997 6 years
OMG ... this is going be good.
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