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Video: Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour Review

Video: PopSugar Editors Review Britney Spears's Hot New Femme Fatale Tour!

Britney Spears's Femme Fatale tour has been wowing critics, fans — and us! Several of our PopSugar editors were in the audience for Britney's Saturday night performance in San Jose, and we're giving you our firsthand account of all the skin-baring costumes and sexy dance numbers. From one Britney fan to another, here's our take on her show!

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MelodiesStrawberri MelodiesStrawberri 5 years
Brendelwoman, please do more research before giving an opinion, Britney has sang more live in this tour than she has in many of her others. I do agree that Brit doesn't dance nearly as hard as before, but she herself said, "It's not about how difficult the dancing is for me anymore, its about the show overall." And I do agree with Artmesis, I dont really like the outfits for the Femme Fatale tour, on her 'circus' tour I prefered her red hot Pants and stomach showing shirt, it fit her body much better. I don't liker the newer outfits, makes her look pudgy.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 5 years
If she's not going to really sing, I better see some more dancing out of her.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 5 years
Wow, it doesn't take much for any of you to get excited, huh? I wasn't wowed by what I saw. She was barely dancing.
Miss-Infamous Miss-Infamous 5 years
But she's barely dancing! Looks like shes just going through the motions
Jenna-Gedman Jenna-Gedman 5 years
Sounds incredible! Yay Brit-Brit!
Gemini24 Gemini24 5 years
Uh huh and all that stuff ... she ain't kickin' it like she use to, not even close ... it's so apparent ... a wiggle here and a head shake there ... whatever happened during her breakdown and readjustment years has taken a toll ....
Artemis Artemis 5 years
By the look of the people in the audience, I can safely say I would not have enjoyed it. Plus, I cannot stand watching her in those skimpy costumes which make a reasonably fit woman with an average body shape look absolutely, totally horrible.
awesomepants awesomepants 5 years
Your boyfriend actually went? The man LOVES you. The concert itself looks like a lot of fun. I love me some Britney but I hate concerts. The close proximity to other people and the loud noises. My migraine prone ass would die.
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