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Video of Chris Medina American Idol Heartbreaking Story and Audition

Video: Chris Medina's Heart-Wrenching American Idol Love Story and Audition — Can Idol Still Make You Cry?

American Idol had its first big headline-making tearjerker contestant of the season last night with Chris Medina, who closed out the episode with his touching personal story. Chris shared about how an accident left his longtime love and fiancée, Juliana, with a brain injury just months before their wedding. Chris spoke about continuing to care for Juliana, saying, "What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?" Chris sang "Breakeven" by The Script, which left the judges with tears in their eyes. Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson then invited Chris to bring Juliana in to meet them so she could be there to hear the news that he's headed to Hollywood. Season 10 had yet to have such an emotional impact on us, and while most of you are ready to quit watching, perhaps this will draw you back in. So tell us — can Idol still make you emotional?

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