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Video Clip and Recap From Glee Episode 4: "Preggers"

Glee-Ful Highlights From This Week's Episode, Including Video!

Just when Kanye West was defending "Single Ladies" as one of the best songs of all time, Glee swoops in with an entire episode dedicated to the tune. We've seen a ton of spoofs of the famous music video — Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live, Joe Jonas — but I've gotta say that I think Kurt's version may be my favorite rendition so far.

This week was Kurt's magnum opus. He and Sue are quickly turning into my two favorite characters, and they both got lots of camera time to keep me happy. Of course it wasn't all about him — the show also included a shocker that should be interesting to see play out. (Big hint: It involves the episode title "Preggers.") Keep reading for my thoughts (warning, spoilers ahead), plus video of Kurt's Beyonce impression when you


  • Kurt opens up the episode in a leotard (because "they wick sweat from the body") with a reproduction of "Single Ladies" — until his dad walks in. Check out the dance below. I'm a little over the Beyonce parodies, but Kurt's moves are spot-on, and he takes himself very seriously, which makes it all the more hilarious. I'm also kind of loving Mike O'Malley as Mr. Hummel. The scene where Kurt comes out to him gave me the warm fuzzies.
  • With the exception of "Single Ladies," the episode was fairly light on the musical numbers, which was kind of a disappointment. Where is the early '90s pop, guys? I hope they were just giving their vocal chords a rest after the music-heavy episode last week.
  • Having the football players dance = awkward and genius. Some of those guys really know how to body roll.
  • Quinn is pregnant? Ugh. I guess I should've seen that one coming. They don't make a character the president of the Abstinence Club and then not have her get knocked up. I'm a little annoyed with the whole covert adoption that's going to play out with her and Terri, but I can't wait to watch the news erupt that Finn isn't the baby daddy. (Although, if Finn had been paying attention in sex ed, he would've figured that out on his own by now.)
  • I was dying over Principal Higgins airline steward video for Mumbai Air. When they release Glee on DVD someday, I hope the full version is in the special features. Embolism-reduction stockings are surprisingly funny.
  • Rachel is wearing thin on me. Anyone else agree? When she gets P.O.'d over Tina's solo, I wanted to give that girl my two cents.
  • Sue's pro-caning speech on the local news was a highlight of the night. ("Yes we CANE.") I love hearing more from her, but towards the end of the episode, it seemed like they were trying to set up her news spots as a moral-of-the-episode lesson. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing — an earnest Sue just doesn't work for me.
  • My favorite line of the night was when Sandy says to Sue, "I'm living in a cocoon of horror!" How great is that scene at his house with the kimono and the doll collection? Creepsters. Second favorite: "My body is like a rum chocolate souffle. If I don't warm up right, it doesn't rise." That's courtesy of Kurt, of course.

What did you guys think of this week's episode? Did you like having the focus on Kurt? Did you miss the flashier production numbers? Let me know in the comments!


P.S. If you're a fan of the show, don't forget that you can join Whiplash's Glee Club Community group — then enter our contest to meet one of the cast members!

Photos courtesy of Fox

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