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Video Clips of Here Come the Newlyweds, Wedding Day, and Hitched or Ditched

Will You Watch Any of This Summer's Marriage-Themed TV?

It's not just wedding season here on Sugar — it's taking over TV as well! The second season of Here Come the Newlyweds premiered Monday night on ABC, the CW's Hitched or Ditched starts tonight, and in a couple of weeks, TNT will roll out Wedding Day.

The three shows vary drastically in tone, from the trainwreck-y voyeurism of Hitched or Ditched to the sentimentality of Wedding Day. In Hitched or Ditched, couples who have been together for years get nominated by their friends for a whirlwind week of wedding planning, at the end of which they must either marry or call things off for good. On the other end of the spectrum is Wedding Day, which takes couples who have gone through tremendous hardship — financial or otherwise — and throws them the wedding of their dreams. Somewhere in the middle is Here Come the Newlyweds, a game show in which just-married couples compete in various challenges for the chance to add a cash prize to their wedded bliss.

After the jump, I've got clips from all three of these marriage-themed shows. Will you be making room in your schedule for any of them? To watch, just


Here Come the Newlyweds

Hitched or Ditched

Wedding Day

Photos courtesy of TNT, The CW, and ABC

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