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Video Clips of Leonardo DiCaprio on Growing Pains and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Roseanne 2010-07-16 08:30:00

Hot Buzz Time Machine: Leo and JGL's Sitcom Past

Welcome to a special Inception edition of Hot Buzz Time Machine with double the actors, double the vintage video fun! Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt may star in today's big movie release, but they had something else in common way back when: they were both child actors on two of TV's biggest sitcoms. First up, DiCaprio played Luke, a homeless kid who gets taken in by the Seavers, on Growing Pains. Here's a clip from one of his final episodes as he says his goodbyes, complete with the obligatory montage and an excess of man hugs (get a hold of yourself, Mike).

If you thought DiCaprio looked young, then wait till you see this next video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as George, D.J.'s long-winded neighborhood friend on Roseanne. JGL must've only been 12 or 13; I can't get over how baby-faced he is! Watch the clip when you read more.

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