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Video of Conan O'Brien Announcing the Name of His New Show For TBS

Do You Miss Conan O'Brien?

It's official: Conan O'Brien has finally announced the name of his new late-night show for TBS! And the winning title is (drumroll) . . . Conan. Yep, that's it, simple and to the point. To explain his decision, Conan joked, "I wanted one word that captured my essence, and 'Oprah' was already taken." Here's a video of the very informal announcement:

The show won't kick off until Nov. 8, so we still have a few more months of anticipation (check out the clever promos if you haven't already). In the meantime, I've been getting my Team Coco fix thanks to his new website and his appearance at the Emmys, but it's not nearly enough as far as I'm concerned. I was incredibly bummed with how his terrible breakup with NBC went down, and I can't wait for his return to TV! I know many of you watched his final Tonight Show, but now that he's been off the air for a while, have you been feeling the loss?

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