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Video From The Bachelorette Men Tell-All Special

Bachelorette Breakdown: The Men Tell Nothing

This week Bachelorette Ali sat down with a weatherman, a lawyer, a serenader, and at least one extremely tan dude. These were the guys who unsuccessfully vied for her heart, and they were supposed to dish on the behind-the-scenes drama from this season. Unfortunately, things didn't get too crazy. We — Buzz and Très — have been dishing on the highs and lows of the special this morning. Check out our thoughts and share yours in the comments!

  • BuzzSugar: I don't know about you, but I found this men tell-all special incredibly boring. They couldn't get Rated R or Frank to show?! Drama was at a low without either of those guys — although the rest of the men didn't mind talking about them behind their backs. I did, however, really enjoy the funny never-before-seen footage! How about you?
  • Très: Yes! Majorly boring. Which is surprising, because I thought the reemergence of Kasey would bring some sort of drama. Instead everyone just called him crazy to his face and he smiled and played along. Chris Harrison couldn't even ask the tough questions, like, "Are you worried about never finding a heart to guard and protect because you got a psycho tattoo on a reality show?" There was one standout: Craig R. Dude did not stop talking.
  • Buzz: Yeah, Craig R. and Ty both seemed to lend plenty of comments to the discussion. There was someone else who stood out for a totally different reason: Chris N.! Was his skin orange?! Someone needs to lay off the tanner. Plus, I never knew about his "Phantom" nickname. I wish we had seen it included in the show — it might have made him more interesting!

To see the best outtakes from the season, and for more of our thoughts, keep reading.

  • Très: Somehow we got "The Weatherman" and "Rated R/The Wrestler" but no "Phantom." Oh well. The high point of the special for me was finally getting a chance to see these people's personalities. On the show, they're reduced to boring guys "falling for Ali." I wish they would have included some more of that in the season. As for Ali, she looked great and seemed happy to see the guys again. I felt a little bad for Kirk, because he had real feelings for her. If I had to pick the next Bachelor from this group, I'd go with him or maybe Craig R. The women in the audience ate up everything Craig R. said.
  • Buzz: True, but Craig R. is a lawyer — he convinces people to listen to him and take his side for a living. My vote is for Kirk for sure. On to the two remaining guys, because as they showed footage of Ali with both Roberto and then Chris L., I felt like the evidence was mounting for Chris! Ali must have called Roberto sexy at least 15 times, but with Chris L., she kept talking about how he's a man and a husband. She was borderline gushing! I know I've said that Roberto looks like the likely winner, but after those clips, I might need to change my stance.
  • Très: I know! So tough. OK, I'll go with Roberto . . . he's sexy, smooth, and always smiling. But regardless of which guy Ali chooses, I'm more curious for the after-the-rose show. I feel like we won't have the whole story until then!
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