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Video of Kanye West's Performance at the 2010 MTV VMAs 2010-09-12 21:30:40

Video: Kanye West Premieres His Douche Bag Song "Runaway" at the VMAs — Love It or Over It?

Kanye West took a totally different route than Taylor Swift with his VMAs performance tonight. She sang a powerful ballad, which is getting a mixed response, while Kanye surprised the crowd with an over-the-top anthem. He acknowledged his own mistakes by raising a "toast to the douche bags" and rapping about his bad behavior with women. While it's an unconventional apology at best, he did say he recently wrote a song for Taylor Swift in apology. Whether or not this track is directly about last year's VMA incident tell us what you think about Kanye's "Runaway" — love it or over it?

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Smashboxchick Smashboxchick 6 years
Gotta love a song about douche bags and jerk offs. I think its great, and I love that he's singing about himself, along with any other narcissistic tool out there.
lisa101 lisa101 6 years
zzzzzzzzzzzz the whole subject
Jen4 Jen4 6 years
Looooove it :LOVE:
totygoliguez totygoliguez 6 years
Its been a year, people need to move on.
Lyynsie Lyynsie 6 years
Studio16- I completely agree with you! People took the Kanye thing way too seriously. I actually liked this song/performance a lot more than Taylor's.
Studio16 Studio16 6 years
I don't even like Kanye West and I like this song. A lot. Plus, I was never really angry with him? Sure what he did was rude, but it's not he killed a baby. All the Tay-Tay Swift fans need to take a chill pill. Taylor is prettier and nicer, but Kanye is more talented.
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