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Pilot Watch: Life Unexpected

I'm looking forward to fresh midseason options once TV returns from its hiatus, and the CW's Life Unexpected is at the top on my list. The network appears to have a lot of faith in the new series, handing it Gossip Girl's Monday 9 p.m. slot until that show returns. Life debuts on Jan 18, but let's take a peek at what we can expect.

What's it about? Lux, a 15-year old girl who's been passed around through the foster care system. As she approaches her sixteenth birthday, she decides to seek emancipation by tracking down her biological parents — Baze (a bar rat who has no clue that he's even a father) and Cate (a local radio DJ). Both thirty-somethings are having difficulty with the notion of growing up, but once the judge grants them temporary custody of Lux, they're forced to accept some very adult-like responsibility.

Who's in it? Shiri Appleby, Kerr Smith, Brittany Robertson, Kristoffer Polaha

The good: The promos are touting the show as Juno meets Gilmore Girls, and I'm crossing my fingers that it lives up. The witticism that's associated with both of those appears to be here in the pilot. Plus, I'm glad to see WB alums Kerr Smith (Dawson's Creek) and Shiri Appleby (Roswell) find a home again on their old parent network.


The bad: A big reason Gilmore Girls was such a success — other than the banter — was the relationship between Lorelei and Rory, and I'm just not feeling the same pull here with Lux and Cate. Also, it's more a warm-fuzzies kind of show which could be a challenge. Is the same audience that ogled over the Vanessa-Dan-Olivia threesome really going to be interested in a tame heartwarmer about an adopted teen?

Will I watch? Definitely — well, at least the first few episodes to give the show a fair shot. If it's anything like Gilmore Girls then I'll give it my allegiance. But if it loses steam a few weeks in, I may just tune out.

To watch a preview for the show and view a few pics, just






Photos courtesy of The CW

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