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TV Tonight: VH1's You're Cut Off!

VH1's You're Cut Off is basically My Super 16 for grown-ups, but with a twist. You have women running their rich dads into debt thanks to their thousand-dollar splurges on clothes, cars, and beyond — and as per any bratty child, they don't make any apologies for their spoiled behavior.

Enter Hollywood life coach Laura Baron to whip the girls into shape. She gets the parents to pull the plug on their free handouts, and then takes the participants through a series of everyday tasks like cooking, household cleaning, and you know, actually having a job. At the end, the girls are supposed to go into the real world with their newfound independence — but the road there is paved with temper tantrums and catfights.

The sneak peek is trashy TV at its finest. Take a look, and pay special attention to a familiar face among the women (well, somewhat familiar — she's had some plastic surgery). Yep, it's outspoken former Bachelor contestant Erica Rose. She's baaaack! Just



Akasha Akasha 7 years
I have to agree with the rich and spoiled thing. I personally would rather watch a reality show with people who are trying to reach their dreams who actually have to go to work a regular job everyday in order to survive. I live in LA and I think they should put a bunch of people together that are trying to make in various forms of entertainment throw in some musicians, a couple of actor/actresses, maybe some film makers, who go to work as waiters, or even lower end jobs in the field they wan to be in, and spend their spare time working on their craft. I mean what's wrong with people being normal? Why does it always have to be about showcasing the worst of human nature, and to make it even worse these people then become famous. My friends don't spend our days getting drunk and screwing our way through Hollywood. We help each other with our projects, we hire each other at our jobs so that everyone is making it, we support each others success and are their for each other for our failures. I'm guessing that most people wouldn't be interested in seeing what it's really like to work for something.
tiabia tiabia 7 years
Just kill me why don't you. When will reality tv shows follow the average American...why all this fawning over the rich and spoiled!?! Rich & Spoiled exposes are sooo 2000! It's 2010...let's move on. PS: I've long blocked this show so I will never stumble over it inadvertently!
brindey brindey 7 years
It grossed me out just to watch that show. Their parents set them up for failure and they complied.
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