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Video Trailer for Creation, Starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly 2009-12-22 06:07:31

Movie Preview: Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany in Creation

If religious leaders took issue with Angels and Demons, then Creation is bound to raise an eyebrow or two. Based on the story of Charles Darwin (Paul Bettany), the film follows the theorist as he was writing his famous The Origin of the Species, and the effect that the revolutionary manuscript had on his relationships, especially with his devoutly church-attending spouse (Bettany's real-life wife, Jennifer Connelly).

Creation opened this year's Toronto Film Festival with mixed reviews, but after seeing the trailer for myself, I'm curious to check it out when it comes to theaters on Jan 22. If anything, it looks like it could be a memorable performance from Bettany, who I've loved since A Knight's Tale. I am rolling my eyes a little over the obvious allusions to Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" in the preview, but take a peek, and tell me what you think when you


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lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
@Anonymous; of course I am being subjective - I specifically said I'm Catholic and this is what I believe. I actually have read Origin of Species and Darwin's theory of how creation occured refutes the existence of God. I explained that; since my religion is Catholicism and I believe that God created everything (whether by evolution or however); since Darwin's theory denies this I am religiously opposed to it. However; no religion, including Catholicism, says that the Earth was created in seven days and you have to believe so - the only truth that Christianity holds about creation is that God is responsible for it. Therefore; it is not mutually exclusive to believe in both God and evolution...
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
ceej and anonymous; if anything; not only the existence of God and the theory of evolution not not mutually exclusive; they can very easily go together; with one exception. see; what people fail to realize is that anyone who believes in God knows He created the earth in a way that each creature adapts and evolves. a human being is supposed to grow and develop over time and a chameleon is supposed to be able to change colors. even if you look at it from a specifically Catholic viewpoint; the Catholic Church does not hold the story of Creation in seven days as dogma (which means a factual part of Catholic teaching - such as the Trinity) - in fact; there are many Catholics; even priests; who believe in what is called theological evolution (the theory that God put into motion the evolution of nature in order that plants, animals, and humans were able to come into being). however; what the Church does condemn (and what makes no scientific sense and could never be proven) is that there was an explosion and some goo and that became a sponge and that become a leaf which became an insect which became a fish and so on. not only does this theory (and it is a theory - while the adaptation of species has been proven; the Big Bang or any similar idea could never be scientifically proven and has not been) not make sense; it is also blasphemous as it refutes the existence of God. no; there is no way to prove God's existence either (unless you count documented miracles with no scientific explanations haha); it is about faith, hope, and love (sounds cheesy but it's true). that being said; even being religiously and logically opposed to Darwin's theories; this still looks interesting and very well-made. both are actors I find greatly entertaining, and I find it fun to see them act together. my only fear is that; like The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons; this movie will not treat Catholics and the Catholic Church with the same respect and tolerance that its proponents cry for themselves...
ceej ceej 7 years
It doesn't take faith to believe in evolution it takes scientific proof, which we have. Belief in God and the acceptance of evolution are not mutually exclusive. The bible was written to explain the world to a primitive people. We are very lucky to live in an age where we understand more about where we come from and how the world began.
kcmosinki kcmosinki 7 years
looks interesting, i will definitely check it out. I don't agree with a lot of Darwin's conclusions and think it takes as much faith to believe in creation as in evolution (given that neither can be conclusively proved by use of the scientific method) but I think it's important to learn and understand what others believe and why.
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