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Video Trailer for the Real Housewives of New York City Season 3

My Guilty Pleasure: Real Housewives of New York City

I may or may not have done an in-seat happy dance when I heard that the promo for the third season of one of my favorite reality shows, Real Housewives of New York City, was here. The Manhattan-based installment of Bravo's franchise is neither the original (that's Orange County) nor the most outrageous (that's Jersey), but there's something about the cast of women — Jill, Bethenny, LuAnn, Ramona and Kelly — that has me addicted.

My addiction has forced me to keep up with the offscreen drama of the NYC ladies, and this new preview of the upcoming season is full of these revelations: LuAnn is now a divorcee on the prowl (and uh, behind the mic), Bethenny is pregnant and engaged, and some wives who shall remain nameless are just as crazypants as ever. If you're judging me for my lowbrow reality love, go ahead, but I dare you to watch this video from the coming episodes and not be entertained. To see it, just read more.

Photo and video courtesy of Bravo

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