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So You Think You Can Dance: Down to 12!

After a night of strong performances on Wednesday, Thursday's So You Think You Can Dance results show delivered a few surprises — at least when it came to the dancers who ended up in the bottom three. Were the dancers on the chopping block the same ones you predicted, or were you left wondering where your favorites went wrong? To chat about it, just


So the judges made good on their promise to send Vitolio home if he ended up in the bottom three again, and his new partner, Karla, followed along with him. That wasn't that surprising, I suppose — but the other two couples in the bottom three were. Jeanine and Phillip found themselves dancing for their lives (over a very stunned Jason and Caitlin, who were sent to safety). But the one that shocked me most was Kayla and Kupono, my favorite couple of Wednesday's show, who somehow found themselves in danger. Maybe the Twilight audience didn't turn out to vote for this vampire routine after all?

Here's how it went down during the solos:

The girls — Jeanine finally got to dance contemporary and showed a lot of technique and personality, leading the judges to quickly send her to safety with Nigel saying she performed the strongest solo of the night. As for the other two, Nigel said Kayla seemed static, throwing in a lot of kicks without really dancing from the heart. But Karla hasn't managed to capture the star quality the judges thought she had, so she was sent home.


The guys — Phillip finally got to do his thing for the first time since the selection of the top 20, which is always a joy. The judges said he seemed a little too desperate and overworked and has a lot to do to master other genres — but that's exactly what he'll be doing, as he was sent to safety. As for the other two, Vitolio again didn't deliver the big tricks, while Kupono did a little too much standing around, always a bad sign. But the judges made good on their promise to send Vitolio home if he was in the bottom three again, while Kupono lives to fight another week.

The second Vitolio ended up in the bottom three, I figured he was going home if the judges were remotely sincere about what they said last week. The ladies' side was a bit more of a toss-up, but the judges love Kayla so much, and Jeanine made such a strong impression with her solo, that I suppose the judges had no choice but to send Karla home. While it's sad to see them go, I really wouldn't have wanted to lose any of the others. What about you?

Some other thoughts:

  • Caitlin and Jason's surprised reaction to being safe — "the aliens did it!" — was one of the more genuine moments of shock I've seen on this show.
  • I will apparently cheer for Kelly Clarkson anywhere, at any time. I just love her, even if "I Do Not Hook Up" isn't necessarily one of my favorite songs on her new album.
  • Are the contestants getting rowdy over there in their corner on elimination night? Cat had to do a lot of good-natured shushing of the dancers who had already been sent to safety.
  • I love the results shows that feature real stars from the dance world. It's so cool to get to see that kind of thing on TV.

What did you think? Were you surprised at who was safe and who was sent home? And have you entered to win a trip to the finale yet?

Photos courtesy of Fox

Join The Conversation
Fellora Fellora 8 years
I was shocked that Caitlin & Jason were safe, while Philip and Jeanine were in bottom. But i was sorda happy about it, because I love Caitlin and new that the judges wouldn't send Jeanine or Phillip home.
Curlywhirl Curlywhirl 8 years
Oh yeah and it's not Caitlin's and Jason's fault that they got that sucky routine. That's why I was glad they made it through.
Curlywhirl Curlywhirl 8 years
Greenmel- I agree with you, I think the judges love Kayla much more than the public does. Have they learned nothing from American Idol. Their love for her makes her fall for me. Please stop telling us she's the judges favorite! I like Caitlin and Melissa a lot more than her. This is Kayla's second time in the bottom three, so I was a little upset at them telling Carla she lacked star quality when according to the public so does Kayla. So next week what's going to happen if she's in the bottom three again and her solo sucks, are they going to kick someone else off because they're not the judges favorite...
Allyace Allyace 8 years
I was shocked that Catlin and Jason were safe. Their routine was just too weird. I can't say I'm surprised at who went home though. I just think they never got the support that others did, even though their routine was great the other night. Also, I don't think the judges will send Kayla home until they no longer have the power to save her. I'm not saying that is a bad thing. I just wonder if people aren't voting for her b/c they know the judges would never send her home.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 8 years
Great recap buzz! I agree sumbum...I was thinking about Wednesday's show though and Karla seemed so defeated, even after they danced and got a lot of praise (I loved it, the concept, and esp. the costume change!) she could barely crack a smile when the judges were speaking to her--its like she had given up maybe?!?! I was shocked about Phillip and Jeannine (ditto, loved seeing their solos), and I think the public is annoyed with Kayla because the judges put her on this pedestal? I was glad Caitlin and Jason were safe for once!!
sumbum sumbum 8 years
I think Karla & Vitolio knew they'd be the ones eliminated, they just had that look of peace on their face. I was super surprised Phillip & Jeannine were in the bottom 3, but it was a delight to see them dance their solos!
greenmel greenmel 8 years
I think the judges like Kayla more than the public does, but I think her solo last night really exposed her weaknesses. Sure, she has great legs and extension, but what else more can she do?
smallbee smallbee 8 years
i was also surprised about kupono and kayla... my favourite couple!
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