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Vote for the Best Lost Character of All Time

Now's Your Last Chance to Vote For Sawyer or Desmond!

After weeks of heated competition for the title of the best Lost character of all time, we're down to the final two, and it's all up to you. Will it be Desmond or Sawyer? On the one hand, you have the show's biggest romantic (with that accent, to boot), while the other always delivers on the sassy nicknames and, well, abs. If you need a refresher to help make up your mind, check out how both Desmond and Sawyer have changed over the past six seasons, and then vote now for the chance to win a Lost prize package. You have until midnight tonight, so hurry!

The winner will ultimately be selected randomly from the pool of users who completed each round and will be announced after the bracket ends. You must be logged in to your OnSugar account in order for your entry to be counted. Log in or register here and click here for the full list of rules. Need to catch up on the current season? Watch full episodes of Lost here! Good luck.

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