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Vote on Poll Between Real Housewives of New York City Members Jill Zarin or Bethenny Frankel

Real Housewives of NYC: Are You Team Jill or Team Bethenny?

The following post is from community member shannoninsf, who posted it in the Fans of The Real Housewives of . . . group.

Lately I feel so torn. On the first two seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City, I could just declare that my favorites were Jill and Bethenny. But TV tragedy has struck in the third season, and my two faves and former BFFs have had a falling out and aren't speaking! I'm completely torn, especially since the initial fight happened off camera, and each time Jill or Bethenny is on and explain their side, I agree with whomever is speaking. But this means I go back and forth between being Team Jill and Team Bethenny! I can't choose. It's like asking me to say which of my daughters I love more! But I want to hear from other fans — whose side are you on?

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MsTonyaT MsTonyaT 7 years
Jill dose not deserve the treatment received just because she was a true friend to Bethany. Why, because Jill was overly protecting one she thought was her friend? Bethany could use a girlfriend that would care for her that much. Alex sure dose not care. That was obvious with the cheap shot using Bethany as an excuse to make a scene in public with Jill. It dosent take much to see Alex has zero class to begin with. In my opinion I can't understand why any of the girls would even want to associate with the low life she really is because she is no more than a no mannered using parasite. I would put money on it that she spilled the beans about Bathany being pregnant. She should stay out of their business get, Luann's book on manners and go home and spent some time working on her ill mannered brats. Think about it Bethany you are going to have a baby. You should pray to have someone as protecting as Jill around after your baby arrives. Jill, Rhona even Luann would be someone you could trust in a time of need with your baby. Bethany love ya but going to say you were sorry to Jill in front of the cameras was not one of your smoothest moves and I believe emotions are running high being pregnant and all. The cheap shot by Alex was worse then anything Jill ever did. Make up before the day come you regret not doing so.
BJC BJC 7 years
honestly i dont think any of us know EXACTLY what transpired between the two of them - we only know what we hear and what TV is showing us ... so for us to say who is right and who is wrong isnt necessarily fair, we can still take sides for sure!!!!! but in these situations i dont necessarily think there is a right and wrong personally i think they both are wrong in their own respects and both are just and right for feeling hurt. its just sad to see such incredible friends at such odds with the other. i hope that once the pain each is feeling dies down they can get to a place where they can talk without emotion fully taking over and can hopefully put this terrible argument in the past and move forward and rebuild their friendship ... a friendship as strong as theirs was should not ever get to the point of being irreversible!
ittybittyone ittybittyone 7 years
Team Bethenny. Jill is acting very childish and trying to bring everyone to her side; this is a private spat between her and Bethenny. I would love to see them put this behind them and become close friends again. Jill is being very unreasonable and taking it to a whole other level!!! No one should have listened to that 1st message and no one should have listen to the 2nd call on speaker phone...very childish!
sjackson61 sjackson61 7 years
I think Jill has WAY over reacted. As her BFF, Jill should not have been surprised by Bethany's comment. Bethany is a straight shooter and calls it like she sees it ... warts and all. I agree with those who think Jill is perhaps a bit jealous of Bethany too. After watching this past week's episode where Jill put Bethany on speaker, with the so full of herself count-less in the room, I was shocked. I couldn't believe how high school that move was. IF, and at this point, this is a BIG IF, Jill wants to repair the friendship, the ball is totally in her court. She is the one who needs to reach out and try to mend the fence now. Makes me sad ... Loved both of those ladies ... but now, am squarely on TEAM BETHANY ...
cupcakers cupcakers 7 years
agree with #13...this situation goes beyond the hobby comment. I think Jill is too clingy and needs to be involved with everything in a friend's life, and she was complaining to Bethenny (who said something like this in an interview) about Bethenny and Jason going on vacation together and not inviting Jill and Bobby.That's when Bethenny was like hold it, I always involve you in my life and you're just taking this overboard-and left the message. And I think the hobby comment did hit Jill's core because deep down it's true-like Alex says (who surprisingly is becoming my favorite NY Housewife because she's the only smart and rational one out of all of them right now)-Jill is a mean girl acting like she's in highschool
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
Omg, Jill acts like she's her daughters age. Grow up. And btw Jill, you don't have any style of you own, just a big mouth. Team Bethany.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 7 years
team bethenny... and smiley, you said it best. i agree that bethenny shouldve actually called or visited bobb while he was sick but seriously! and jill is totally the mama hen who shelters the underdog of the moment.
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